Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Saawariya - Movie Review

Saawariya - A Movie Review

I borrowed a VCD of Saawariya on Saturday and here is my movie review –

saawariya sawariya sawaria saawaria movie review film reviews bollywood hindiSaawariya – 5/10. (lover) Romantic Musical. It was not as bad as the initial reviews that came out in the press. Since the movie is supposed to be a part of the imagination of Gulabji (a prostitute played by Rani Mukherjee), the criticism that the blue sets and spectacular lighting were unreal are quite unwarranted.

Ranbir Kapoor plays ‘Raj’ a singer who has a crush on ‘Sakina’, a muslim girl. However, Sakina loves Iman (Salman Khan), a person who moves around from place to place. In the end, Sakina gets her true love Imaan while Raj is left alone. Acting of the newcomers is ok, nothing great. Ranbir Kapoor looks sloppy and uncool. Rani Mukherjee, attempting to do a Rakhi Sawant looks fake and irritating. Sanjay Leela Bansali should have cast the ‘real thing’ herself. Salman’s part in Saawariya was the most awaited, however, he does not take off his shirt ;)

The sets are beautiful, though many parts seem copied from the film ‘Moulin Rouge’ such as the mill, lights and cityscape. The movie is quite short so the director should not have tried to fit in romantic scenes in quick succession – it makes Ranbir Kapoor come on a bit too strong towards an obviously shy girl of a different community. There are obvious references to Raj Kapoor – the grand father of the debutant hero Ranbir Kapoor throughout the movie. This sort of cheapens Saawariya. The music is good.

Like most movies with inter-community/caste relationships, Saawariya too ended with the relationship ‘not happening’. If Sanjay Leela Bansali wanted this film to be a hit, he should have released it after the festivals of Diwali/Id. Most people find such a story culturally unacceptable, especially as it looked like Ranbir was harassing someone who obviously loved someone else. For example, in real life, she would have kept calling him ‘Bhaiya’ or ‘Bhai Jaan’ (brother).

What is your take on Saawariya ?


  1. Cyberkitty,
    I am glad that you liked it. But to be true, I hated this movie.

    I hearn on Zoon few days back that SLB was planning remake Khamoshi.
    I hope this is just a rumour.


  2. Good to see a somewhat positive review of a movie that the critics have trashed...Perhaps it is not so bad, after all, as they have made it out to be...

  3. I agree with Sidhu! All I heard is how horrible it is but when I watched few songs etc, it looks gorgeous and I love Soniya. She emotes well, although Kapoor boy copies his uncle's mannerisms. Thanks for the review, I would watch it even though it's not a hit!:)

  4. a copy of Moulin Rouge lol
    that is why i like your review! so very funny kitty-chan!!

  5. It was horrid, horrid, horrid. Ranbir overacts, Sonam underacts, no story line.... eeekkksss! SLB's losing it! I had to watch OSO twice to get over this bitter medicine.


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