Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eklavya The Royal Guard - Movie Review

Movie Review of Eklavya - The Royal Guard.

This weekend I saw the movie Eklavya -The Royal Guard. A tragic film, it ended the week of gloom which began with the murder of Bob Woolmer (RIP) and India's depressing loss against Sri Lanka.

eklavya royal guard movie review film reviewsEklavya - The Royal Guard - 3/10 - This movie starts off with a Rajasthani King (Boman Irani) murdering his sick queen (Sharmila Tagore) because she calls out the name of her lover Eklavya (Amitabh Bachchan) while he is reciting a poem from Shakespeare. Saif Ali Khan is the crown prince who returns from abroad for his mothers funeral. Eklavya is the royal guard who has sworn to protect the family. He is also the father of the crown prince.

Meanwhile, the King's brother and nephew are planning to ursurp the palace and fort. Lots of treachery and killings follow. In the end, Saif Ali Khan tries to commit suicide by pointing a gun at his head. Eklavya, almost blind now, throws a knife at his hand and stops him. The movie ends with Saif returning seized property back to the villagers and accepting Eklavya as his father. Sunjay Dutt who plays a nosy cop refuses to arrest Eklavya for his crimes.

Amitabh Bachchan is a good actor, but I'm real tired of seeing him in every other film. It takes away the essence of a story when you see the same face playing every second role. Saif Ali Khan is his expressionlesss self and so is Jackie Shroff. Jimmy Shergill, Vidya Balan and Boman Irani are ok. The cinematography is awesome - Rajasthan locales always look great on film. Music and songs were nothing great while dialogues are too preachy ! The movie suffers from a lot of factual errors and things that don't add up like Eklavya's biased blindness and the period the film is based in.

Did you watch Eklavya - The Royal Guard ? Are you planning too ??


  1. woow amitabh-chan looks scary in that pic!
    i agree with u kitty-chan.
    he plays too many roles and its kinda boring to see the same face in every film :P
    and i think salman khan looks more handsome than saif.

  2. i came out of the theatre in the interval becoz it was boring.

  3. no. no again.
    I am not watching Eklavya.
    Yeah I too feel the same for AB. he is doing to many films, he is everywhere.

  4. i hav not seen the movie and i will not even see it now

  5. cmon, i liked Eklavya! esp. the cinematography.. he made every shot come alive with color!

  6. haven't seen this one...from your comments it looks like it was boring...

  7. Well written unbiased review. It is tempting me to watch. I agree with your reaction about Saif ali's acting.

  8. I try and avoid going to crowded public places as much as possible. Everyone is constantly pushing you,elbowing you (*sheesh* I REALLY hate that),you have to stand in a que to go to the loos or to get food/drinks/drinks,most people dont have the basic manners to switch their phones to 'silent' mode or even to talk quietly!!
    Go to the theatres only for the must-watch-on-big-screen-movies like Harry Potters/LorOfTheRings/Action etc. Last few Hindi flicks I saw on the big screen were Black,Dhoom2.I liked both.For all other movies I wait for the DVDs to get released! *grin*
    But CK,you gave out the entire story here it seems!!Now,I wouldnt even try watching it when the DVDs r out!!*pouts*
    Agree on the 'Big B being ALL around' statement.I like him,I like Saif (for his senseofhumour in reality),I like SanjayDutt(he's a rockstar,in reality again),like Boman(he's too funny,in real and on reel),Vidya is k.Would hv seen in on DVD.But now,I dont think I want to anymore!!*lol*
    P.S. India & SriLanka was just too shameful. Whats even more shameful is that they are trying to blame it on the coach.He wasn't even there on the field when they were ALL getting knocked out!!*hmpffffffff*
    TC...S m i l e

  9. Niki - Yeah, Salman is definitely number one !

    Pooja, Neihal, The Game, Cristine & Balaji - thanks for your comments.

    How do we know - Yes, the cinematography was the best part of Eklavya.

    Sakhi - Me too, I watch most films on cable !

  10. thanks kittychan :)
    my no.1 is arjun rampal. u like him?

  11. I hear Amitabh got a Rolls-Royce for playing that role!


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