Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bougainvillas In Spring

Bouganvillas In Spring

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's Party !" "

Here is a pic of my magenta Bougainvilla plant in full bloom.

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Bougainvilla is a tropical plant that grows all year around in regions with hot weather. In Delhi, this plant loses all its leaves in the cold winters and starts booming only in mid - March. It requires very little water and lots of sunlight. The best way to get lots of Bougainvilla flowers on your plant is to trim the ends of the stems regularly.

What do you say ?


  1. Beautiful!! We get that here only in Summer in Carolinas and some other southern US places.I love it.Thanks for the visual treat, enjoy!:)

  2. U maintain a garden. How do u manage ur time.
    I heard from a friend of mine that maintaining gardens is not an easy task and that it requires a lot of patience and time.


  3. Asha - thanx !

    Lonely Traveller - I don't have a garden, just a few flower pots !

    Whiskeypriest - Sure....mine does!

  4. technically its not flowers... but colored leaves

  5. Yes these are beautiful ones and I remember I had posted it on my blog when I had traveled to India in 2005. Amazing!

  6. i love those colors of bougainvillas!!
    looking really gorgeous! :)
    we cant see them in common. thank u very much! happy weekend kitty-chan!!

  7. Bouganville are so cute. I had them in my house in India. They are good for the boundaries. I had them closer to my compound walls. As you said they grow very well when their edges are cut. I used to regularly trim down. The colours are so attractive for eyes.

  8. Quite effective in keeping the light from the head-lamps of vehicles coming from the opposite direction, out of your eyes, when planted on road-dividers!

  9. they are beautiful and everywhere...
    me glad they r back!


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