Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dhoom 2 Back In Action - Movie Review

Movie Review Of Dhoom 2 Back in Action - This weekend I watched Dhoom 2 on cable.

dhoom 2 abhishek bachchan aishwarya rai uday chopra bipasha basu rimi senDhoom 2, Back in Action- 2/10 - This action flick had only one thing good about it - Hrithik Roshan. The story was full of holes punched with some chroma (green screen) stunts. The acting of the main characters played by Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Uday Chopra were below standard especially Bachchan who truly sucked.

Extremely annoying was the the way Abhishek Bachchan tried to use his Dad's name to gain mileage, eg. when he tossed a coin (like in Sholay) saying the Hindi equivalent of 'lets decide like my father used to' and other situations. The end of Dhoom 2 was the worst. It seemed Abhishek's supporters did'nt want him to look like a 'bewakoof' cop who let the thief outsmart him, so they had his character follow Hrithik to Fiji and pretend to let him of the hook ! Another scene in Dhoom 2 that looked wrong was the scene where Hrithik acts like a psycho and 'Gabbar' style puts a bullet in one of the chambers of a revolver and alternately takes potshots at Ms.Rai. The music was ok.

The choreography of Dhoom 2 was good - Hrithik was at his usual best while Aishwarya was given robotic steps to compensate for her lack of dancing skills. About the 'onscreen kiss' - Hrithik was great but Aishwarya seemed like she needed some more practice. The music - average, inspired by the previous Dhoom. The only reason Dhoom 2 was a hit was because of the large scale promotion in the media - it had absolutely no sense, story, dialogue or character development.

Did you catch this flick ?


  1. the only smart thing that abhishek did was get amitabh as dad.. and he had no hand in it, so that says it all..

  2. did u say more practice!! ab (both pa and son) are not going to like it any bit

  3. i agree. Junior B is the dissapointment of the film, and Hrithik is its saving grace.. in fact, as a policy, Abhishek should not work with Hrithik again if he wants to be noticed at all, and he shld def not try to dance in the same film. That is criminal.

    the kiss? It wasnt even a kiss!! :-( And i waited a long time into the movie to see it!

  4. Dhoom 2 is good only for the acrobatics of Hrithik. Rest of it is all crap except for the outdoor shots.

  5. Agree Dhoom 2 was all about the thief Mr. A aka master Roshan. Abhishek had no role......But i liked the movie, the mumabai seen is one of my fav....the blue and the whistling music was too good an intro to the seen.....
    It is a good watch time that is
    cya and Happy new year guys!!!

  6. I haven't seen the movie, suspect, the one who should take the maximum credit ot blame is the director, right?

  7. I think that this movie was great...and i watched it for the 2nd time today...Dhoom 2 was only better than Dhoom 1 because they used a popular actor (Roshan) as the bad guy instead of John Abraham. And I liked the song Dhoom Again!

    The kiss was basically all Hrithik! He probably had a lot of practice ;)!


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