Saturday, November 04, 2006

Periwinkle flower - Sadabahar

Periwinkle Flower - aka Sadabahaar (hindi)

gardening periwinkle sadabahar flower perpet pearpet garden tips
My first memory of this pink flower (which I later found out was called the periwinkle) was at my Grandmas place near the beach. Every morning a worker would fill water from the well in a brass pot (matka) and water the sandy flower beds from which the periwinkles sprang up. I loved watching them nodding at the sun and dancing in the wind. Periwinkles grow perpetually all year through and are also available in shades of white and purple.

gardening periwinkle sadabahar flower perpet pearpet garden tipsThe technical name of this plant is Catharanthus pussilus which comes from the Greek word meaning ' pure flower'. Previously it was known by the botanical name of Vinca Rosea. It is also known as Madagascar periwinkle. Today, the leaves and roots of the periwinkle are used in the pharmaceutical industry and in ayurvedic medicines to treat different diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cancer.

gardening periwinkle sadabahar flower perpet pearpet garden tipsSadabahar or periwinkle is very easy to grow. Just pluck a branch from another plant and stick it in well drained soil. Soon roots will grow and the pink flowers will multiply. I picked a four inch branch one year ago from someone's garden and today I have a flowerbed overflowing with sadabahaar periwinkle flowers. Looks very pretty from the road too.

Another way to grow a periwinkle plant is to pick the little pods with seeds from the stem and plant them. Many folks think of them as a weed though and use weedicides to get rid of the plant. A very happy smiling kind of flower, I simply love to see the periwinkle grow sadabahaar (perpetually) in my garden.


  1. The only flowers I recognise are Roses, Marigold and Snap-dragon (which some Indian folk refer to as 'dog-flower', God knows why!).

    I'd seen these i.e. Periwinkle many times but didn't know what these were called. Thanks!

  2. oh really!? treatment of diabetes?
    wat a heavenly flower!!!!
    and u have got such a sweet heart!!

  3. Why the earlier name Vinca Rosea is changed?
    In Bengal it is known as 'Nayantara'-i.e. the pupil of the eye. Yes so far I have heard it is very useful in deceases including carcinoma.

  4. One of the most beautiful flower i have seen....Always smiling and goats, cows doesn't like the taste of this plant...and thats why its very easy to plant this one...really a nice one.

  5. This flower always give me a smile on my face.....

    its august time in india....2 of my pots of sadabahar are going fine but rest six of them just died ... i ve no idea what happened ...can anybody guide me..... i don't want to lose this plant..... will planting a small branch of it make new plants........Bhavna(india)

  6. Make sure the soil in your flowerpots are well drained. Make enough small holes on your flowerpot so that excess water drains out and the roots stay healthy.

    Yes, planting a small branch of it will make a new plant. Also check for little pods with seeds on the plants that are fine. These pods look like tiny pea pods (matar). Open them and plant the seeds inside. Very soon you will get new plants.

  7. The most easy to grow plant.See dark glossy green leaves,dark pink,light pink and white flowers and be pleased through out the year.Sorry,but you will not get sweet scent to smell.To me a flower without sweet pleasant scent is not something I will like to grow.


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