Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cyberkitty's Birthday Interview

A Birthday Interview of Cyberkitty

Since I am the only journalist who knows the secret of Cyberkitty's identity and hideouts, it was real simple to get an 'exclusive' interview on the birthday she recently had. I travelled deep into the cyber jungles with only my desktop computer to protect me from the dangerous viruses and worms lurking in data cables and servers around the world. Very soon, I walked onto a site - and there was Cyberkitty, as usual, working away at her computer.

Me - Happy birthday, Cyberkitty ! Hope you will grant me this exclusive. Performance appraisals at office are due soon.
Cyberkitty - Sure thing, what's good for you is good for me !

Me - er....if I may old are you ?
Cyberkitty - Same age as you of course, now I know you won't have the guts to publish that !

Me - So, what are you planning to do today ?
Cyberkitty - blog...., eat a piece of cake and try not to smear cream on the keyboard.

Me - What do you see for yourself in the coming year ?
Cyberkitty - blog.... and earn two more dollars from Google Adsense. Of course, if I win a lottery, things will be much different.

Me - When are you getting married ?
Cyberkitty - Now you sound like my grandma, mom, dad, boss, all relatives and non cyber friends. Coz no matter how hard I try, I haven't found anybody (even an unsuitable match) ........these annoying journalists (throwing hands up in the air)

Me - just....ok, let me ask about your professional life. I have noticed you write a lot of controversial stuff in your blog, like posts on conspiracies etc.? Are you an attention seeker ?
Cyberkitty - I just write about the way things really work - the truth as I see it. Unlike you, I don't have to worry about channel ratings or the fact that a big boss may fire me for saying stuff that may hurt company policies, advertisers or top politicians with jack.

Me - What are your plans for the future ?
Cyberkitty -, thought I already answered that one. Pay attention and don't read out questions written in that overstuffed file of yours.

Me - Oh...ok, you a split personality like Jim Carrey in 'Me, Myself and Irene' ? You seem to lead a double life, you know ?
Cyberkitty - that trick of 'putting words in my mouth' to get an interesting 'bite' which you can run over and over again on promos, just won't work on me babe ! I know too much. In fact, ask yourself why I am talking to you ?

Me - oh...that would be another long interview ! You share your birthday with Rebecca Romijn, Ethan Hawke and Maria Shriver. Are you anything like them ?
Cyberkitty - Check out my post on the celebrity face recognition tool I did on my Make a wild guess.

Me - Let me ask an uncomfortable prodding question, if I may, how much money do you make ?
Cyberkitty - It's the same as you, of course, however if I spill the beans on the unbelievably low amount then you won't be able to successfully lie about it in your next job interview ! ha ha ha !

Me - A charming lady of few words.....(grinding teeth)
Cyberkitty - scowl......disarming smile
Me - Thankyou very much for joining us Cyberkitty. That's all we have time for. Coming up next is ...blahblah...stay tuned !


  1. very interesting :) ...and i suppose, happy birthday, right?

  2. first of all,
    belated birthday to cyberkitty...
    and lovely post it is...
    vey extra-ordinary way to speak up...

  3. Happy Birthday to youuuuu, Happy Birthday to you Cyber Kitty!! Happy Birthday to youuuuu!:))

    May you get married to whoever asks you next!!:D May you become a mother of 100 sons:O:O:O :D

  4. a very happy birthday you you :) so where was the party?

  5. Now what was that about Clark Kent and Superman or Peter Parker and

  6. Hey belated Many Happy Returns Of The Day dear Cyberkitty ;)
    nice interview indeed :)

  7. hey, happy birthday, and have contributed to adsense :)

  8. i distinctly remember writing a happy budday message here!! blog owner?!

  9. Hi jerry, mojindro, foodie's hope, pegasus, dawn, sidhusaaheb and manuscrypts,

    Thanks a lot for your wishes, I had a good day !


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