Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Review of Social Networking Websites

A Review of Social Networking Websites

Review of Social Networking Websites online communitiesEvery other day my friends send me invites to join social networking websites or online communities. After signing up at a few popular ones I thought I'd write a review of these social networking websites. This review is based on the amount of activity at the website, safety of members and other features.

Review of Social Networking Websites online communitiesOrkut - 8/10 - most members are from Brazil or India usually in their late twenties or thirties. I found orkut relatively safer as no member can join without being invited by another member. As all members can be traced back to the person who recommended them, there is little chance of making fake profiles and getting away with mischief. I liked the interface, the testimonial and friend rating features. There are also various communities - offices, educational institutes or other interests that you can search through and join as a member. I managed to find and get in touch with quite a few of my long lost friends. The only problem are a few bugs - as orkut is still in beta version.

Hi5 - 5/10 - By Yahoo - lots of fake profiles here. Plus you have to have your own blog at hi5 you can't add your blogger url.

Friendster - 3/10 - Heard a lot about it, but when I first checked it out the site was closed for maintenance. It says it has thirteen million members but I'm willing to bet more than half are fake profiles. Lots of ads on knee pain here !! I wonder why ?

Ryze - 3/10 - Is a business networking site, so I don't use it much. Has many ads.

Gazzag - 2/10 - Is another online community that has very few members and uses lots of ads. Free signup.

MySpace - 4/10 - This Social Networking site is very popular in the United States among teenagers. Quite unsafe as it has free signup which leads to lots of fake obscene profiles by older persons. Offers popular blogs and videos.

Care2 - 7/10 - Is a Social Networking site for those concerned about the environment and animals who click on ads to donate money to various social causes and petition the govenment to deal with certain issues. Has folks of all ages from around the world.

Bebo - 4/10 - Is an online communities popular among school and college kids in North America, UK and Australia only. Anyone can register which leads to lots of folks causing mischief.

Fropper - 1/10 - Indian Dating and online community website......boring

ApunDesi - 2/10 - a social networking site optimised for ads which is dedicated towards Indians and Pakistanis commonly known as Desis.

So have you joined any of these sites ? What was your experience like ? Perhaps you know of a cool one I've missed out on ?



  1. wooow! wat a great review (*o*)
    u must have been working hard for this review.
    thank u sooooo much!!!!
    i coundt see the friendstar too...
    and my space is so very true! it seemed all are american teens.
    happy weekend!!

  2. hey... whenever you review a website, provide a link to its home page. I am told that improves your ratings on the search engines

  3. I use Ryze and quite like it because Indians dont use it for business networking. And its clean.

  4. have only heard of orkut and fropper. seems orkut is popular. ofcourse i never join such sites as i doubt the utility of such things.

  5. Thanks for enlightening me. I was neither aware of the concept nor was I aware of any of the communiities you have mentioned. I am bookmarking this. Thanks again.

  6. This came as an afterthought. Are you aware of any student networking website?

  7. I used Orkut for writing an article. Now it seems clutured. No?

  8. Awesome review! THanks for saving us the trouble of finding this on our own!

  9. Good reviews!
    Hi 5 was my first...didn't do much theer. Then orkut which is nice and addictive. Gazzag is boring and sad. Didn't join anymore.

  10. AMAZING...I'm on,, and - found all of them cool. You just mentioned a few ones which I wasn't aware of, thanks.


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