Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mosquitoes Vs Health Officials in Delhi

Mosquitoes and MCD Health Officials

mosquito repellent mosquitoes virus fogging malathion aedes anopheles malaria dengue chikungunya diseaseMosquitoes are real troublesome. Once a week in my neighborhood, I hear a strange rumbling sound followed by a lot of white smoke and a disgusting smell. No, it isn't a giant letting off wind but only health officials with their malathion thermal fogging machines who are spraying insecticides to control mosquitoes. These mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surface of standing water in tins cans, tires or coolers and bite at night spreading different viruses and causing diseases.

The area I live in has been named by the Muncipal Corporation of Delhi to be specially vulnerable to mosqitoes. Mosqitoes somehow don't like the taste of my blood and I am fortunate that they don't bite me ( The only things that bite me are my cat and the fleas off his back).

mosquito repellent mosquitoes virus fogging malathion aedes anopheles malaria dengue chikungunya diseaseMosqitoes are known to cause many diseases which can kill people, and I know lots of folks who have gotten real sick. The female Anopheles mosquito causes Malaria. The female Aedes mosquitoes bite leads to Dengue and Chikungunya which is a form of viral fever is spread by the female Aedes Aegypti or Tiger Mosquito.

Whenever the man on the bicycle with his malathion thermal fogging machines comes around, my cat goes berserk and hides under my bed. Kids chase after the fogging man like he is Santa, breathing in the harmful pesticides. I have absolutely no idea how they can stand the smell from up close. Health Officials then come to check our cooler for mosquitoes breeding in the water. Last time the civic official came, he poured lots of kerosene in the cooler even though we had already added quite a bit of disinfectant.

After hearing that legal notices have been sent to over 29,000 houses and that nearly 13,000 folks have been fined, we decided not to allow the official to check our home anymore. Some officials just fix challans and fines arbitarily to collect cash. So, the next time the official came to check, we just told him we don't have a cooler - only an air conditioner.

Here is some surprising information I read about mosquitoes. Mosquitoes mainly feed on nectar from plants and it is only the females that require a meal of blood that contains protein for the development of her eggs. The female mosquito sucks blood from all mammals which includes pets and humans. She locates her victims by scent and primarily goes for males who are overweight and have 'O' Blood Group.

Ok, I am a skinny female with 'A' blood group, so that explains why mosquitos don't bite me. Another point could be the fact that I sleep in front of the cooler which creates a strong breeze that drives mosquitos away.

mosquito repellent mosquitoes virus fogging malathion aedes anopheles malaria dengue chikungunya diseaseMy Dad has tried almost every mosquito repellent available that includes Baygon Spray, Flit by Godrej, Odomos Cream, All Out Liquid Repellent and Good Night Mosquito Mats, but they still bite him. It is good that the MCD is regularly spraying malathion to get rid of mosquito eggs in stagnant water, atleast a few people can get a good nights sleep.

Bats are known to prey on mosquitoes, but they are too scared to enter our house. Mosquito nets on the windows are of no use since they fly in through the balcony, kitchen or air conditioning vents. We even hung bunches of neem leaves around the house to drive off their incessant buzzing but to no avail.

Do mosquitoes bite you ? Do you know of a fast easy way to get rid of them ?



  1. that they prefer overweight males with O grp is news to me. is it true?

  2. its the females that cause all the trouble in this planet....

    wow.. i do sound like a mcp

  3. Mosquitoes sure are a menice but have been on this earth for so long, I dont think anything will get rid of them. just make sure there is no stagnant water around the house because thats where they breed. interesting post.

  4. oh! didnt know about the 'O' bit.. and yes, the easiest way is extermination, no questions asked..

  5. You are lucky to have CNG Rikshaws. They are less noisy and less polluing. They have started CNG Rikshaw scheme here but yet are rarely seen.

  6. no, i dont know of any other way.. sorry... but all the best!!

  7. I dread the sound and bites of those!! I am like a magnet for them!! Hated in India and hate 'em here, although it's seasonal here! Thank God!! CURSE!! CURSE!!

  8. Proably the most effective and healthy way to prevent mosquito bytes is mosquito-nets. We don't know what the fumes of those repellent contain. I am always scared of them.

    I wish there were a way to make a deal with the mosquitos. You know, we will draw certain amount of blood and give it to them and they won't bite us. They are happy and we won't get malaria

  9. Odomos does prevent mosquito bites , i am pretty sure of that , you may see them around but they dare not bite if you have applied the cream; that matters isnt it , because once bitten twice shy !!


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