Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Movie Review

Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest - 9.5/10 - Action/Comedy starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. Really awesome movie. Excellent screenplay and dialogue. Never seen before action sequences and special effects. Was laughing throughout the movie, even the gross bits. Specially liked the sword fighting sequence on the water wheel between Sparrow, Turner and Elizabeth's ex-fiance the Commodore and also the scene where Cragon the sea monster swallows ships.

Jack Sparrow meets William Turner's long lost dad Bootstrap who tells him about a key that unlocks a hidden chest that belongs to Davy Jones known as the Dead Man's Chest. Meanwhile, Davy Jones the octopus faced villain who is captain of a powerful ship called the 'Flying Dutchman' is searching for Jack who owes him a debt of eternal service. Sparrow is trying to avoid him at all costs and sails to distant lands in the Black Pearl..

Will and Elizabeth are arrested at thier wedding for helping the pirates escape. A pirate catcher from the East India Company makes a deal with Will that he will free Elizabeth in exchange for Jack's compass - which shows you where your heart's desire can be found. The pirate catcher hopes to find the 'Dead man's chest' (his hearts desire) that controls Davy Jones and gain power over the entire seas.

Will traces Jack to an island, where Jack is somehow chief of the cannibals. I really liked Johnny Depp's facepaint and costume in this scene - especially the necklace of black and white thumbs around his neck (Angoolimal). Jack pretends not to recognise Turner, who is put with the other crew members in a cage made of dead crew members bones. Eventually all of them escape on the Black Pearl. The two crewmen who dressed in ladies clothes in the previous movie join them.

When the flying Dutchman catches up with them, Jack hands over Will Turner to Davy Jones to repay his debt. Davy Jones asks for 99 more souls and gives Jack 3 days in which to fetch them in.

Meanwhile Elizabeth escapes from jail with the help of her father. She dresses as a guy and joins the crew of a ship. In Tortega, she meets Depp who is forming a new crew. Her old fiance, now down and out also joins the crew. Together they go in search of the ey and chest which contains Davy Jones' live beating heart.

At the 'Flying Dutchman', Will Turner gets Davy Jones to show him that the key is hidden around his neck during a gambling match. Later he steals the key and escapes. Somehow he turns up on the island just as Sparrow has dug up the chest. There is a long fight scene. Then a ship chase. The ship is attacked by the 'Cragon' - spelt Kraken, a huge sea monster controlled by Davy Jones.

Elizabeth realises that the sea monster is only after Jack and the rest of the crew can get away safely. She tricks Jack Sparrow by kissing him and handcuffs him to the ship, while the others escape in a small boat. Jack Sparrow jumps right into the 'beastie' sea monster with his sword as the Black Pearl is swallowed into the ocean.

The Commodore turns over the 'heart' to the pirate catcher in exchange for his previous job and wealth. The rest of the crew, Will and Elizabeth are very sad and promise to go back and rescue Jack from the depths of the earth. Captain Barbossa who was killed in the end of 'Curse of the Black Pearl' returns to help them.

The cinema was houseful, with the Audience being around 70 percent female. The jokes were too good, everyone including me kept laughing and whistling all through. The background music and sound effects were terrific and shook the movie hall. Johnny Depp's acting was A1, his voice was really sexy and I simply loved the expressions on his face. The others were fabulous too. This movie was better than the previous one, however the ending was kept open so that the third movie can be continued.

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