Friday, July 21, 2006

Israel Messages to Lebanon

After reading Shirazi's email and seeing the photos of 'Israel girls writing on shells meant for Lebanon' this is what I have to say -

Kids in Israel are not as free as people in other countries who can decide whether they want to join the army or pursue some other career. In Israel national military service is compulsory for men and even women who are above 18 years. Men serve three years and women around two. Women also serve in combat positions. All Israelis are actually considered 'reserves' from the age of 15 till 49.

As you can see by the photo - a soldier is standing guard while girls are made to write on the bombs ' Hezbollah - with love from xxx'. Obviously, the kids were brought out of their homes for the specific purpose of writing the specific message on the bombs and getting photographed. Most probably bribed with ice cream to do so.

If they had sneaked in by themselves, the soldier standing guard in the photo could have easily shooed them away before they could scribble even a word - after all rockets are harmful explosive devices, no one would want to risk an accident happening. Also, as there is another photographer partially hidden in the first photo, it is quite obvious it is nothing more than a photo op.

Why would Israel want to do this ?
1. Send a message to the world through the Jewish controlled media that Israel has absolutely no regard for human lives and is willing to do anything to save their ego. 2. Indoctrinate kids and prepare them for military service.

Soldiers have no option but to obey orders and fight or risk a court martial. Their ideas about right or wrong or idealogies do not matter. In the end war is always made by the top politicians. They have the option of negotiating and calling for a ceasefire yet they only seem to want to prolong the pain and suffering on both sides. Why ? Simple. Fear leads to ever more power and control at the top.


  1. well this thing that they may be bribed for ice creams may look ok but abt shoot them ... no they won't believe me ... shoot the kids just like that ... israeli kids... yeah if they'd have been palestinians ... yeah sure .. who asks!

  2. wonderfully put up...
    if it was not state sponsered propoganda then civilians would never even get a chance to even view the shells, let alone scribble on it.

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