Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Movies I saw on the Weekend - Rang de Basanti, Chingaari

A look at 2 movies I saw - Rang De Basanti and Chingaari

1. Rang De Basanti - 1/10 - "Bacche gorey honge ya kaale" - this idiot movie can be summarised by this idiot quote of Aamir's who looks like a 55 year old with a false hairpiece. This movie on male bonding and teen angst 'badhkahs' the youth towards taking up terrorism. Yeah many sayRang De Basanti tries to relive the heroics of Bhagat Singh and co in the freedom stuggle and the fact that youth should get motivated to change society, but no one should forget that Bhagat Singh was still a terrorist and was hanged for his crimes. Ya, I know guys do insane things under peer pressure, but no one can be as crazy as Aamir, firang, Saif in drag, southie and gang. They seem to have forgotten that it was Mahatma Gandhi with his letters and peaceful protests that ensured freedom for India.....All I got from this Rang De Basanti was Aamir's fetish for moustaches, attempts to win an Oscar( as if), ridiculous dancing, boring songs, bad dialogue and extensive publicity for NDTV news channel. If u want to watch a good movie on a social issue , go watch 'Fitna' !!

2. Chingaari - 4/10 - on oppression of women. Ila Arun is good. Sushmita Sen tries hard, but cannot pick up that accent and does not suit the role. The new guy as the postman is cute. I missed the end because of a power cut, so what else can I say ?

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