Friday, March 10, 2006

Best of Luck Michael Schumacher for the 2006 Season !!

Michael Schumacher at the 2006 Formula One Season

The last season proved that luck was the only thing that Michael Schumacher had little off. The 'n' times the car failed to work properly and the crashes with other drivers either stole many hard worked for points or resulted in a non finish.

This season has a new knock out qualifying format and brings back tyre changes which should see teams playing different strategies. Hopefully, we won't see just one unknown driver leading from start to finish for a large majority of the races. However, if Schumi were to win all the races, then I certainly won't complain !! ( Touch wood )

Schumee, you are without doubt the best driver on the track - The Ferrari team works very hard and is made for challenges - so let's go beat the Shit out of those amateurs in helmets !!!

First Race of 2006 this Sunday in Bahrain. All the best Schumi !! (Please don't break a leg )

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