Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bird Flu - Does not Exist

Bird Flu or Avian Influenza Hoax

Anybody who has not had the so called priviledge of a ' modern ' education will tell you the obvious truth - that bird flu or avian influenza jaise kuch cheez nahin hai - aise hi bata rahe hai ye media wale ( there is no such thing as bird flu or avian influenza- the media people are spreading rumours).

The symptoms of bird flu or avian influenza is being given out to be Fever, Cough,Sore throat, muscle aches and possibly, pneumonia - which is the same as a regular flu. In this change of weather season many people suffer from some such symptoms. How will people tell the difference ? Is there any difference ?? The tests for bird flu or avian influenza are also very shady.

Who gives out the statistics of deaths due to bird flu or avian influenza ? How did they come up with thier figures. It is not very difficult to invent up statistics and hand it out as press releases to the gullible press people. They are ever hungry for issues that will keep thier tv channels, newspapers running and churning out profits. Most reporters are an overworked lot ( like me)- who work more than 12 hours a day and are only too happy too go home at night and get a few hours sleep.

Questions that no reporter will ask or bother to find out are -

1. WHO PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF TAMIFLU in India ? Why did the government have a huge stock of the vaccines and why is the govenment buying more - when there is no evidence of a single death from avain influenza or bird flu in India !!

2. What is the stock price of Cipla - the company that makes Tamiflu ? Who bought this stock immediately before the news of bird flu or avian influenza actually came out ? How are they connected politically, with the top media owners either as family or business partners ? How are these people connected to the American government which is notorious in spreading such lies?

3. When such a so called bird flu or avian influenzaepidemic is given publicity, large amounts of chickens are destroyed. This leads ot lots of businesses closing down. The question is whose business is flourishing because of this propaganda ? Indian exports of chicken will be hit as a result importers of chicken will seek other avenues. Will the new exporters be America or American friendly countries ?

This propaganda leads to mass hysteria - loss of freedom as India is forced to depend on foreign countries for aid, vaccines etc for a disease like bird flu or or avian influenza that does not exist,
When other life threatening diseases like jaundice continue to claim millions of lives...with not even a whisper in the mass media.

The people responsible for this Bird Flu or avian influenza are
1. President Bush and his administration that needed funds and issues to get elected. 2. Giant Pharmaceutical Companies that funded his election campaign and now want to collect the profits. 3. Self Interested political groups in India - either opposition parties that want to create trouble from the government or the party in power to earn kickbacks. 4. If he is innocent - a really BLIND and DUMB prime minister Manmohan Singh - who blinded with his many degrees is unable to see the truth and speak out about it. 5. News hungry, lazy media.

The most in ur face proof was in the papers but nobody remembers it. It is the fact that President Bill Clinton in India had no problem eating chicken either in Manmohan Singh's house or at Priya and Vikram Chatwal's wedding - presumably cause he is already in on the fact that " BIRD FLU OR AVIAN INFLUENZA DOES NOT EXIST "

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  1. You have posted about bird flu and HIV/AIDS but have omitted a very important subject: Vaccines.

    Please before you accept any vaccine check the ingredients. They contain aluminum, mercury, antifreeze, formaldehyde, phenol, antibiotics, foreign DNA, animal blood, aborted foetuses tissues, and this is just a very small list.

    There are many vaccine side effects including deaths that will never be revealed. I know of a growing number of people who do not vaccinated their children or themselves.


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