Thursday, February 01, 2018

Visit to Nehru Planetarium to View Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Went to Nehru Planetarium in New Delhi to view the Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on 31st January. I saw chemtrails sprayed in the sky as soon as I arrived, and a crowd of kids and their parents waiting in anticipation in the lawn.

As the chemtrails were sprayed in the path of the Eclipse, it soon spread out. This made it seem as if the blood moon was covered in clouds. However, stars could be viewed on both sides, and Sirius and Orion were repeatedly pointed out by the announcer, together with 'Hubble's Space Telescope'.

I was amazed at the telescopes there, but they were of no use because of the clouds. While some telescopes were from Nehru Planetarium, some people had brought personal telescopes which they were setting up on the lawn. I sat around for some time, waiting for the moon to appear, but it did not. We could see a slight hint of it behind the clouds when the trails parted a bit, but not very much.

I heard from my friends that it could be clearly seen from other parts of Delhi, so I went off disappointed. I later saw the blood moon blue moon Lunar Eclipse from my rooftop. Seemed freaky. I watched it a bit with my binoculars, and then took a bath to ward off the ill effects.

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