Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arvind Kejriwal Sucks - Foreign Funded or Not?

I'm sick and tired of seeing Arvind Kejriwal-related news on every television channel. Arvind Kejriwal totally sucks. I wanted to see videos of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's wedding functions, but there seemed to be a total blackout of their wedding by the media. Why?

I am beginning to believe Salman Khurshid's allegations about the media being paid to 'promote' and 'publicize' Arvind Kejriwal's allegations. There's big money involved in politics, with businessmen paying millions to promote a political party, which would give them the maximum benefits when they come to power. This is common in the United States, with parties receiving huge funds from corporate houses.

It seems to me that a lot of money has been pushed in by businessmen (both Indian and US-based) to promote Arvind Kejriwal's so-called 'exposes', and bring in a government to power that would be more flexible to their needs (who would loot the people even more and exploit India further). This was ever since Sonia Gandhi told Hillary Clinton to buzz off, last year.

Otherwise, why would the media totally blacklist and blackout Kareena Kapoor's wedding functions? News about the Saifeena wedding would have definitely got more eyeballs, higher ratings and better advertising revenue for the television channels...and we all know that the media does not have a conscience when it comes to raking in money.

The only logical reason: The media (read television channels like India Today's Aaj Tak and Headlines Today) are making more money by promoting Arvind Kejriwal's scams. Only a few channels (ones with low ratings) like India TV were showing Saif Ali Khan's wedding-related news. This infers that these television channels did not receive any funding to promote Kejriwal.

Why Does Arvind Kejriwal Suck?

Arvind Kejriwal really sucks. Blinded by the adulation and limelight he received as part of Anna Hazare's Lokpal dharnas, he seems hungry for more and more airtime on television screens. And who is watching? Retired and unemployed people at home, who have nothing better to do.

Arvind Kejriwal is floating a political party, but he seems to display no understanding of how politics really works. You don't go irritating and angering people with whom you may have to work with in the future...and, all politicians have to do a bit of cheating to collect funds to fight the political game.

Arvind Kejriwal seems to be a bit like a suicide bomber: He comes in, starts a political party, causes a ruckus, wreaks havoc...and soon we'll see him lose elections and disappear into oblivion. However, the damage will already be done...the current government will be destabilized and a worse government may have the chance of coming into power!

Do you think Arvind Kejriwal sucks, or is he just an innocent pawn in a game played by big powers, businessmen and politicians, worldwide? Is he an idealist who thinks that what he is doing will really benefit the people of India or is he a fool?


  1. He is not innocent, but a dubious character, who could manage crore of rupees from foreign agencies and 'fight' for them in his country.

  2. So, u are abusing Kejriwal just because you couldn't see Saif-Kareena's wedding on TV ?? are you kidding me !!
    And by the way, Kejriwal is not retired. He voluntarily resigned from IRS to get into social work.

  3. ur just writing these articles to garner cheap publicity .. where is ur integrity and patriotism ?? .. u are the kind of low intelligence empty headed fool who would rather prefer watching some characterless film actor and actresses marriage.. Supporting someone who is doing something good for the country is not in your alcohol and drug induced blood m sure ..

  4. If I wanted to garner cheap publicity, I would not be an 'anonymous' blogger...Kejriwal is the person who is trying to gain cheap publicity...but I admit, he has also done some good things - like demanding that electricity rates be lowered.

    1. You are a paid congi agent - if Kareenas wedding is more important to you than the state of the nation - we know you are a wealthy(probably illgotten wealth that thrives on corruption) to write against Kejriwal . You are a fcking bastaard

  5. There is every likelihood that today's principled person may become corrupt tomorrow. The party workers who intends to contest election, must be thoroughly probed by the internal Lokpal or by other body solely to be constituted for the purpose. It would be most desirable if properties during the tenure of all elected MLAs and MPs are published annually in newspapers and given on website for feedback to masses.

  6. You sure you are not smoking something funny?


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