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Most Expensive Pet Wedding - Why Do People Dress Up Their Pets?

I usually write about celebrity weddings, but this time I am writing about a pet wedding. In another instance of people dressing up their pets, a lavish pet wedding reception was held in New York City (USA). This pet wedding was held in mid-July 2012, and has got the Guinness Book World Record of the most expensive pet wedding ever. During the ceremony two dogs were married off by their owners. The total cost of this pet wedding celebration was a massive $250,000.

While some people thought it was cute, others complained about the bizarre quotient of this pet wedding. Even I think it is crazy the way people dress up their pets, and have expensive parties for them. Whenever I tried to put a warm coat over my cat, he used to get very angry, walk funny, shake the coat off, and run away. In fact, he used to be terrified of the coat, and used to hide whenever I held it in my hands. Such pet clothing restricts normal animal behaviour and should be discouraged.

Details About The Most Expensive Pet Wedding

Well, this expensive pet wedding was held at a lavish charity extravaganza at New York’s renowned Jumeirah Essex House to benefit the Humane Society of New York, so it's great that at least some sick or abandoned pets will be benefiting from this sheer extravagance. After the ceremony, the pair of married dogs was presented with a Guinness World Record certificate for the category of ‘most expensive pet wedding’.

The bride was a small Coton de Tulear named Baby Hope Diamond, while the groom was a poodle named Chily Pasternak, whose white fur had been dyed blue and purple. It seems so sad to colour the dog, what must he be feeling? The dyes may also be harmful, I hope he did not lick his fur. Baby Hope Diamond was made to wear a small off-white wedding gown in satin, which looked really uncomfortable. Her poodle groom was stuffed in a black and magenta waistcoat, with a red bowtie, and no pants. Clearly, he was not excited about the wedding, but decided to go for it anyway.

The US $250,000 pet wedding was partly paid for by Wendy Diamond, the owner of Baby Hope Diamond, to raise funds and awareness for the Humane Society of New York. According to her, the wedding was perfect. She said, “These dogs are so sweet. It’s a perfect match”. Ms Diamond was dressed in a white wedding gown, while the owner of Chily Pasternak was wearing a black suit. The wedding was attended by different breeds of dogs, all dressed up in silly frocks and suits.

Pet couture has become fashionable in recent years, and many retail brands have taken advantage of the fact that people love their pets, and have strong sold their pet fashion items with heavy advertising and promotional deals. I hope this expensive pet wedding did not have any such intention, as I do not like to see people dressing up their pets, except if their pet is sick and it is really cold or rainy.

Many vendors have donated their services for this pet fundraising event. While Floralia Decorators covered the wedding venue (Grand Salon in Essex House) with fuschia orchids worth $ 30,000, James Chung served sushi worth around $5,000 to the wedding guests. In addition, Ellen DeGeneres’ company sponsored a pet food buffet for the other pets who attended the world’s most expensive pet wedding.

Once I organised a birthday party for my cat, and purchased a cat-shaped cake. However, my cat did not turn up for the party. He went on a 3-4 day long hunt, and I had to cut and eat the cake myself. Have you ever dressed up your pet? What do you think about the world's most expensive pet wedding? Have you ever considered having a wedding or birthday party for your pet?

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