Thursday, June 17, 2010

Best Gifts for Fathers Day

It is tough to select the best gifts for Father's Day. This occassion is just around the corner. Every year Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, in many countries around the world. Similar to how Mother's Day is meant for mothers, this day is meant to honour fathers, celebrate fatherhood and revive paternal bonds. This year Father's Day falls on the 20th of June.

Selecting the Best Gifts for Fathers Day

It is always difficult to choose gifts for a guy, especially so your dad. If you ask your dad what he wants for Father's Day, he will most probably say 'Nothing'. So, here are some things that are sure to make this Fathers Day real special for your Dad.

1. Spend some time with your dad by going to a pub, restaurant or sports event that he enjoys. This should be quality time, where you actually have a conversation. Ask him for some advice. There's no need to take it, but at least try to listen and understand.

2. Make him something to eat. Dad's love to eat and would rarely deny food. Just make sure the food is not something that has been forbidden by his doctors, like too oily, salty or sweet food. You can add healthy substitute products to the recipe to show that you care.

3. Make him something useful to wear or use. This includes sweaters, scarfs, caps or home goods like shelves, desktop stationery and garden decorations. What you make depends on your talent and creativity. You know your dad best, so make something he really needs or wants!

4. Call your dad. If you live really far away from your dad and cannot visit him for Father's Day, it would be nice if you could call him and wish him. The very fact that you remembered would mean a lot to him. You could also send a card, e-greeting or e-mail forward. Though these are not too personal, they sometimes have good wordings that express what you've been meaning to say.

5. Food and Drink - It would be great if you could present food hampers to your dad yourself and spend some time sharing the food. However, if you can't then you could just order online to have it delivered to his doorstep in time for Father's Day. Some things your dad would like are packed meat, alcohol, wines and Fathers Day Cakes.

6. Comfortable Clothing. Dad's love recieving and using comfortable clothing accessories such as driving gloves, socks, slippers, sandals and other comfortable footwear. Buy something contemporary that never goes out of style. As these are everyday items, they will be forever needed as the old ones will soon wear out.

Do you have any more ideas for great Father's Day gifts? When and how do you celebrate Father's Day in your country? Which of these 'Best Gifts for Father's Day' would you be most likely to give your Dad for the occassion?


  1. Hmm.. for me I think the best gift I can give to my dad is to spend more time for him. Lately I don't have enough time to talk with him. Anyway, I've been looking for interesting topic as this. Looking forward for your next post.


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