Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Vote - 2009 Lok Sabha Elections

Look Everybody - I Voted

This vote was really special for me as it was the first time I have voted in any Lok Sabha Election. I got my Voter's ID card around two years ago, and had cast my first vote during the Delhi Vidhan Sabha Elections, 2008. I hope to continue to do so, cause it was real fun!!

voting finger 2009 lok sabha general elections india
Did you vote in the elections? Who do you think will win?  


  1. I've voted only once in my life and that too in a municipality election.

    I voted for the local politician who helped retrieve my motorcycle that had been confiscated by the police after a road-accident.

    In the elections for parliament or state-assemblies, I've never really been able to decide whom to vote for.

  2. you have beautiful fingers and arms!

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  4. i like your blog. Keep on sharing :).

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