Friday, February 27, 2009

Mumbai Local Train Map

Mumbai Local Train Map

This is a map of the Mumbai local train system, which is used by millions of Mumbaikars to commute around the city daily. Bombay basically has three lines for local train services -
  1. The Western Line that starts from Churchgate station and ends at Borivali.
  2. The Central Line that starts from Mumbai Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST Victoria Terminus VT) and ends at Kalyan Station.
  3. The Harbour Line that moves along the eastern coast of Mumbai city from Mumbai CST to Andheri and Mumbai CST to Panvel.

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Click on the map to view a larger map of the routes of Mumbai local trains.

If you are a person who has recently shifted to the city of Bombay, then this map of the local train system is a useful tool to help you with rail routes. Local trains together with the efficient railway system are by far, the cheapest and fastest way to commute to your destination in Mumbai. The fares of local train tickets are quite low and the timings schedule ensures that there are trains almost every 15 minutes. The mumbai local train timetable is available at all city railway stations.


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