Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Movie Reviews For December

Here are reviews of the movies which I watched over the last two months -

rab ne bana di jodi movie review photos stills imagesRab Ne Bana Di Jodi - 6/10 - Romantic Comedy - I liked the dialogues and Shah Rukh Khan's comic acting as Surinder Sahni. I found the character of Surinder's alter ego - Raj quite irritating. He seemed like a jerk whom very few girls would fall for. The arranged marriage part was a bit boring. I just can't understand this funda of parents forcing their kids to marry weirdos just because they fear their own death. Songs were good.

transporter 3 movie review photos stills imagesTransporter 3 - 7/10 - Action - Jason Statham is back as Frank Martin, the Transporter in the third installment of the series.This time he is forced to transport the kidnapped daughter of a Russian politician to Odessa. His Audi is refitted by the bad guys and he is forced to wear a bracelet bomb that will explode if he moves beyond 75 feet of his car. The action sequences and car chase scenes were amazing. The direction, photography and locales are also very good. Refreshing

quantum of solace movie review photos stills imagesQuantum of Solace - 1/10 - Action - Oh, this movie was so boring, I can't even remember the story. James Bond movies are supposed to have a posh, slick look where 007 is the smart dashing hero. However, in this 007 movie, James Bond is a loser who drives uncool mini cars, broken down boats and 'khatara' planes. I am still trying to erase the image out of my mind.

dostana movie review photos stills imagesDostana - 6/10 - Comedy - A relatively good Hindi movie after a long time. The movie is about two guys living in the USA, who pretend to be gay just to get a rented apartment. Inspired by the Hollywood film, 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry', this desi movie with it's local flavour was quite funny. I liked all the songs, especially 'Munda Bigad Gaya' and John Abraham.

yuvraj, yuvvraaj yuvraaj movie review photos stills imagesYuvvraaj - 4/10 - Romance Drama - Salman Khan does not suit the role of a western classical singer nor does he look like the heir of some millionaire. I also did not like the part of the story where the cruel father who mistreats and throws his middle son out of his house is glorified in the end as a person who always made the right decision. The music was simply amazing. Locales of Austria were beautiful.

dasvidaniya alvida movie review photos stills imagesDasvidaniya - 1/10 - Drama - A very very boring film with uninspiring acting by Vinay Pathak. The story is about a boring man who learns he has very little time left to live and makes a list of boring tasks he must do before he dies. I watched only the first 15 minutes before switching to something else.

oye lucky abhay deol movie review photos stills imagesOye Lucky Lucky Oye - 3/10 - Comedy - The movie is a half baked plot about a charming conman based on the character of real life jailbird Charles Sobhraj. Initially, the movie was quite slow paced, while towards the end, much to my dismay, it glorified conmen and crime. Abhay Deol acts well as Bunty, the conman. Paresh Rawal, as usual managed to snag a role..he is in almost every film these days. Anyway, I've just about had enough of Paresh Rawal- and having to see him eating up so much screen space in a double role was way too much to bear...

hello salman movie review photos stills imagesHello - 1/ 10 - Drama - I haven't read the book it is based on, so I did not know what to expect from the movie. All I knew was that Salman Khan was in it. However, he only had a bit part and I lost interest soon after his scene was over. 'Hello' started off at a slow boring pace and I just did'nt have the energy to sit through it to the end.

fashion priyanka movie review photos stills imagesFashion - 2/10 - Drama - This movie was more like a documentary about the life of Priyanka Chopra's character Meghna Mathur - a small town girl aspiring to be a model. There was almost no scene without Priyanka Chopra in it. Songs were good..and that was about all there was to it. The movie displayed many harsh truths about the fashion and glamour industry...but it was not something that I was unaware about.
Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think of them?


  1. Dasvidaniya looks funny tho. hahaha~
    what a review!
    thanks very much for your informative posts!!

  2. I've seen the first one. Quite a leap of faith one has to take, in order to accept that a woman wouldn't recognise her own husband, minus his glasses and moustache!


    The James Bond franchise doesn't suit Mr. Potato Head a.k.a. Daniel Craig. He doesn't quite look the part. They should've extended Pierce Brosnan's contract, I think.

    I agree that fantastic gadgets and cars are an integral part too, of the James Bond marquee, and one expects those to be there in each such movie.


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