Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Cyberkitty

Yes, it was my birthday this week. I wish I could say that things were 'all good'.... but three things happened this week to which I am still trying to find the positive side to....

1. My boyfriend of around one year dumped me coz his mom and sis did'nt approve of me. He told me he still loved and would always love me, but can't stand the tension. I told him not to blame others. If he loved me he would marry me and if not, then he should'nt make silly excuses.

2. My parents who are not aware of the above affair are busy looking for suitable boys for me. I had to meet one such boy barely two days after the breakup. I was really upset but decided to go anyway, even though my eyes were red from all that crying. Surprisingly, that guy's eyes were redder - when i asked him the reason for it, he said he had been out all day shopping...yeah right....Anyway, this guy did'nt suit me - both physically and mentally - we seemed to be from different planets...only thing was this guy was real rich and had a fancy car. However, the thing that made me most annoyed was when he put his arm around my shoulders - i felt so grossed out and almost screamed at him....

3. My best friend 'broke up' with me. We had such fun on Sunday, when we went shopping for her wedding. I was feeling really ill after the 'break up with kk' but still accompanied her. She selected a sari which i was to wear for her Sagan. Everything seemed fine, till yesterday. We were supposed to meet for my birthday treat... she said she had a surprise for me. Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding about the place and time of meeting - she cancelled due to some work in office. Later, she said she does not ever want to meet me or even speak to me on the phone ever again :(

Well, about my birthday - I reached a significant milestone. My sister gifted me a pair of earrings and my brother gave me a trendy new blouse.....from Bizarre, a branded showroom!! We had a small party at home....Thank God, I still have my family !!

All in all, if my year started this bad, it cannot get much worse, hopefully....since I don't have many friends now, I guess I may start blogging more often :(


  1. Some one (who I think was very wise) once said that there is not anything that you can not survive, except your own death.

    Best wishes for a long and healthy life ahead!


  2. happy birthday kitty..and a HUGSSS

  3. U shud thank god that ur ex dumped u before the 2 of u got hitched coz that would have been much worse. Scorpians are different kinda species n shud look only at other scorpians. They cannot get along with any other sign.

  4. Belated B'Day wishes.
    Everything happens for the best. And trust in God.

    I have faced many challenges in life. Just reiterating what I mentioned before always helps calming me down.

    Cheers to life.
    Rosh ( I moved to

  5. Thanks everyone for ur wishes and support -

    Sidhusaaheb - Yes, I suppose that's true. If it does not kill you, it makes you stronger!!

    Anonymous - If I decide to date only scorpions, then I'll miss out on so many awesome folks in the world...

    Rosh - Thanks, I'll keep telling myself that too. After all, no one can fight God....and if it is in ur destiny, it will happen!!

  6. U can date as many people u like or even get married 2 a non scorpian but the truth is dat u wud b most compatible wid a scorpian. I don't kno wt sign ur ex had but i hv a gut feelin dt he cud hv bn an aries or perhaps an aquarian. Either ways scorpians are terribly matched wid any other sign. Havin said dat, here's wishin u all d best 4 ur future

  7. Thanx Anonymous.....btw he was an, u were right...maybe i should start taking astrology a bit seriously!!!

  8. First of all, Belated Happy Birthday. Secondly, people who are not worth your friendship, are not worth wasting time on. Hopefully you will find someone who can stand for himself, who is not a MAMAs boy. I am not saying that good that you broke up. But I guess it is better that you got to know where he stands before getting committed for life to someone who can't handle issues. I have been thru this too. So believe me, I am saying what I have experienced first hand.

    My best friend of 26+ yrs (my childhood friend) stopped talking to me too. Coincidence? I don't blame him entirely, but recently, I just reciprocated the treatment he gave me a few months ago and he didnot like it, and we exchanged some heated e-mails and he decided to stop corresponding. So he closed all aveneues of reconciliation. I believe you friend also did the same (I mean closed her avenues of reconciliation).

    Believe me you have a wonderful year ahead of you. Have you watched the movie, "IT's a wonderful Life"? Its an oldie B&W movie.

  9. Sifar - thanx for the support. I haven't seen the movie but I'll look for it and try to watch it.

  10. My mistake. The title is "It's a beautiful life", not "It's a wonderful life". But despite bad things happening, the movie shows light at the end of the tunnel.


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