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Movie Review - The Dark Knight

Movie Review - The Dark Knight

My friend had been trying to convince me for a long time to watch this film, and I finally agreed. Unfortunately, at the last moment, she called up saying her Granddad had a nasty accident, so I ended up watching the 'The Dark Knight' with my brother. We watched this film at Wave Cinemas, located at TDI Paragon Mall in Rajouri Garden where tickets are priced at Rs.140. Here is my movie review -

dark knight batman movie review film reviews robin joker heath ledger death why so seriousThe Dark Knight - 2/10 - Action Horror - starring Christian Bale (Batman), Heath Ledger (Joker), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Rachel, the girlfriend) and Aaron Eckhart (Two Face + DA).

Batman is out to destroy the mafia in Gotham City for good, when he comes up against the Joker, a psycho terrorist type of character who blows up buildings. Later on, the friendly District Attorney who helped Batman fight crime turns into a psycho after one side of his face gets blown away by one of the Joker's schemes. Many people are assassinated, but in the end, as always, Batman triumphs.

Expecting a superhero action movie like Spiderman or the Batman television series, I was thoroughly disappointed at this dark, creepy type of psycho movie. It seems the director/ producer extended the role of the Joker on purpose to cash in on Heath Ledger's death. Heath Ledger has done a good job as the Joker, but if they wanted to put this much of him in the flick, they should have renamed 'The Dark Knight' as 'The Joker'.

dark knight batman movie review film reviews robin joker heath ledger deathThe script is boring with many holes. Bombs and assassination attempts need to be planned carefully to be executed singlehandedly with the precision as is shown in 'The Dark Knight' - instead all we see is some sort of quick magic performed by the Joker. Many parts of the movie are so slow paced that they just put you to sleep. Other parts are real scary and revolting like the flesh and skeleton of Two Face's face and the Joker telling people that he will cut a smile on their face with a knife. During these parts, I either looked down at the floor or covered my face with my hands and took occasional glimpses through interlaced fingers.

There was nothing new or different in the action sequences of The Dark Knight. The actress - Maggie Gyllenhaal resembled Mary Jane from Spiderman a bit too much. Plus, I missed Robin and the humour of the original Batman films.

Strictly a one time watch-at-home type of film, I don't recommend this film to anyone. Did you watch 'The Dark Knight' ? How did you find it?


  1. I am yet to watch it and this review has made me want to watch it soon.

    The 'Joker' in the Batman series has always been about 'psychological warfare'.


  2. even if I agree that some portions were slow...the movie is not about gore and assasinations and psychos. Brings up questions bigger than the mundane...makes u believe that all is not black and white...there are shades of grey galore...and gurl, u missed some great photography if u saw thru the interlaced fingers..;-)


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