Saturday, May 10, 2008

Khuda Ke Liye - Movie Review of a Pakistani Film

Khuda Ke Liye

Khuda Ke Liye is a hit Pakistani film that was recently released at multiplexes in India. I wanted to see what a Pakistani film would be compared to Bollywood films, so I watched the movie when it was shown on cable. The experience was completely different.

Khuda Ke Liye - 6/10 - (For God's Sake) - Very serious drama starring Naseeruddin Shah (India) and some Pakistani actors and actresses. The film is set in the post 9/11 era when the Taliban rose in popularity amongst Pakistani youth.

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Khuda Ke Liye is about an NRI Pakistani girl - Mariyam, who is sent to Pakistan by her father and tricked into marrying her extremist cousin who lives in an isolated village. She is in love with another man who lives abroad. Here, amidst her misery she befriends some young girls and learns that people can still be happy even if they have nothing. The young girls ask her to teach them English. Meanwhile, she makes several attempts to escape from her husband in the village and finally succeeds in filing a court case. After she wins, instead of going back abroad, she returns to the village and starts a school for girls.

The other track of Khuda Ke Liye explores the life of the brother of the extremist cousin who travels to Chicago, USA to study music. Here, he marries an American girl who is also a musician. Later, the police arrest him on charges of being a terrorist and he is tortured in jail. He writes a letter to his wife saying something like - "I don't think all American's are bad because some of them tortured me, likewise, don't think all Muslims are terrorists just because some of them attacked your country."

An art type film with no songs, Khuda Ke Liye should win many awards. Acting was fine. Since, the movie was a major hit in Pakistan, I suppose many of the values it brings out are accepted by the mainstream people. A good film on modern social issues that need to be tackled strongly such as arranged marriages, terrorism, religious fundamentalism and state torture.

Did you watch Khuda Ke Liye? What did you think?


  1. I've been listening to the movie's music and have rather liked the songs 'Bandeya' and 'Allah hoo'.


  2. The movie tackles quite an important subject in today's context.
    Overall it was a good movie. Far better than the general Pakistani-Punjabi movies.


  3. Ahhh... another cheap trick to de-fame Pakistani culture.


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