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Movie Reviews - Race, 27 Dresses, Taare Zameen Par, Black and White

Race, 27 Dresses, Taare Zameen Par, Black and White - Film Review

Here are the movie reviews of the movies I watched this week, namely, Race, 27 Dresses, Taare Zameen Par and Black and White.

race saif akshaye taare zameen par 27 dresses 27dresses black white taare zameen par movie review film reviewsRace - 8/10 - Suspense thriller starring Akshaye Khanna, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif. I caught this movie at Satyam Patel Nagar this weekend. The story is about two step brothers who own a stud farm and race horses in Durban, South Africa. Each brother schemes to kill the other in order to claim a huge insurance bounty. The movie was very slickly made with awesome cars, fresh costumes and amazing locales. The story was riveting and kept me hooked for the whole duration of the movie.

About the actors - Akshaye was the main lead of the film and did justice to his role. No matter how you dress Saif, he still seems to look like a piece of chalk. It's great that he was missing for most part of the film and turned out to be the villain in the end. I liked the color of the red dress worn by Bipasha Basu in one of the songs. About the love making scene between Bipasha and Saif in the stable, we never get to see Saif's face, so it is possible that a body double was used. I really wouldn't mind watching Race in the cinema hall again.

race saif akshaye taare zameen par 27 dresses 27dresses black white taare zameen par movie review film reviews27 Dresses - 7/10 - Romantic Comedy starring James Marsden and Katherine Heigl. I downloaded this torrent since none of my friends (who are very few anyway) would accompany me for this movie plus DVD's of Hollywood movies are rarely available in India. The movie is about a nice girl who was bridesmaid for 27 of her friends' weddings but never the bride. She is in love with her boss, who takes her affection for efficient service. Soon, her slutty younger sister comes along and manages to trap her boss into agreeing to marriage. Meanwhile, a reporter for a newspaper on relationships is trying to interview her about the number of weddings she has all romantic comedies the movie ends on a happy note.

27 Dresses is a good candyfloss chick flick movie to perk you up on those dateless weekends when you feel you'll end with no one. I was crying for almost half the movie because of the movie's resemblance to my see my younger sister has already found someone and may be getting married before me :(

race saif akshaye taare zameen par 27 dresses 27dresses black white taare zameen par movie review film reviewsTaare Zameen Par - 9/10 - Drama starring Aamir Khan and Darsheel Safary. The movie is about a dyslexic child who overcomes learning difficulties. I had heard about people returning from cinema halls after watching this movie with tears streaming down their faces, so I kept avoiding this flick. However, on Saturday, I wrote the movie from my hard disk on a DVD and watched it. I'm really glad that I did, coz it was an awesome film.

The script and screenplay was crisp and realistic. Casting was perfect. It is quite sensible of Aamir Khan to select actors who really suit the role and can actually act instead of casting some powerful filmwallas relatives. Aamir Khan's fetish for strange mustaches continues as he makes his entry as the new Art Teacher in Taare Zameen Par. The best thing about the movie is the way that the disabled have been portrayed. Unlike Black, which showed a hard stereotyped insensitive view, Taare Zameen Par offers a just humane caring way of dealing with the disabled. Most funny scene of the movie - When Aamir Khan holds up a picture of Abhishek Bachchan grinning goofily to a class of third graders.

This movie reminded me a lot of my school days when I'd get punished outside the classroom almost everyday and my classmates would poke fun of me (which I'd ignore). A telling movie which every parent, teacher and child should see, hopefully watching Taare Zameen Par will make school a better place for each and every kid.

race saif akshaye taare zameen par 27 dresses 27dresses black white taare zameen par movie review film reviewsBlack and White - 1/10 - Political Drama starring Anil Kapoor. This movie is about suicide bombers. Just like it's name, the movie ends up reinforcing common stereotypes about the Muslim community in black and white. It simply fails to see the myriad colours or shades of grey in between. After a while, the preachy dialogues of Anil Kapoor were just too much and I ended up switching off the television. In one word - awful.

Have you watched any of these movies?? What did you think of them??


  1. I've seen Taare Zameen Par and really liked it. Being a movie, though, it is slightly unrealistic. I mean that if the dyslexic child had not won a painting competition, he would still have deserved to be cared for and loved by his friends and family, besides being given special attention by his teachers.

  2. race : 4/10 . i predicted most of the plots. very bad dialouges.saif was Hot. Bipasha danced so badly.bad choreography. katrina was cute. bad cinematography.

    27 dresses; 5/10 . i hv be watching this girl in grey's anatomy ,she talks so non nonsense in that series that i hav almost started hating her. her voice just irritates me. so could not handle her in this movie . but okay story and other characters too.

    TZP : 9/10. awesome. cried almost all the time.

    my suggestions: watch JUNO,P.S Ilove you which came in india recently. i loved both of them.

  3. Hey!
    I saw Race and TZP...
    I would give Race a 5 and TZP I agree with your ratings :)
    Nevertheless thanks for sharing ur opinion :)
    Keep writing!


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