Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dhol and Chak De India - Movie Review

Dhol and Chak De India - Movie Reviews

I had watched Dhol and Chak De India a few weeks ago, but somehow could not find the time to blog about them....till today. Here are the reviews -

chak de india dhol movie review film hindi india delhiChak De India - 7/10 - A good sports movie that was purely about sports and winning, without any of the usual melodrama thrown in. Shahrukh Khan plays the role of Kabir Khan, the hockey coach of the Indian women's hockey team. Chak De India is about how the Indian team conquers regional and personality differences, seniority issues, family objections and competition within players to win the Hockey World Cup.

After a long time, I have seen Shah Rukh Khan actually doing some acting, instead of just playing himself in larger than life situations. Among the girls, I liked the character and the acting of the heavy Punjabi hockey player. All in all, a very realistic film.

chak de india dhol movie review film hindi india delhiDhol - 4/10 - The movie is about four unemployed youth who decide to woo a rich girl hoping she will marry one of them and be their lottery ticket. Unfortunately, the girl is only interested in finding out who the killer of her brother is. The guys then lie to her pretending they know something about her brother's murder. This leads to a lot of so called 'hilarious' situations, which I didn't find all that funny.

The actor who shone the most in Dhol other than Rajpal Yadav was Kunal Khemu. The others were just hanger ons. The music was okay, nothing great. The movie ends with them finding a load of cash in a 'Dhol' (traditional drum) that the girl(Tanushree Dutta) gifts to them before leaving.

Have you watched Dhol or Chak De India ???? What is your movie review ?


  1. Nah! Never get to watch those except what they show on B4U!:))
    Enjoyed Dasara/Navratri/Vijaya Dashami?

  2. Yes, it was fun.....the best part was when the head of the effigy of Ravana refused to burn - local boys climbed up a tree and pulled the smoldering head down. As the giant head fell, firecrackers stuffed inside exploded.....everyone scurried away. Luckily no one was hurt!!

  3. Well, 'Chak de...' has been hyped so much that I am afraid I might actually feel disappointed if and when I do get the chance to watch it!


  4. muah muah indian boys look soooo cute :D
    thank u so very much!!

  5. i liked Chak De India, but not like one of the movies i'd like in my collection. The movie had potential, and it did exploit some of that potential.

    Wish the movie had used the song Maula a better way than as slightly loud background score.. that music was great!

    Not seen Dhol, m not planning to.

  6. Hmm,it was a surprise to see SRk come out of his I-am-so-gay phase but then he descends to new lows with Om Shanti Om....guess Farah Khan matters more to him than quality movies

  7. Have not seen either of the movies.have to wait for the Dvd.thanks for the review.


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