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Namaste London and Shaka Laka Boom Boom - Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews of Namaste London and Shakalaka Boom Boom

I managed to catch two more flicks on the weekend - Namaste London and Shakalaka Boom Boom. Here are the movie reviews -

movie review film reviews namaste london shakalaka boom bbom shaka laka bollyfood flicksNamaste London - 1/10 - This is a typical kind of flick I dislike. A senseless wrongly made film about NRI's which is manufactured to cater exclusively to Indians abroad. All kinds of bakwaas about how great India is ...... firangs are bad. Really, there is nothing nice I can say about this film ! The dialogue and script were so unbearable I kept switching channels in between. The end was so predictable, Katrina Kaif leaves her English boyfriend at the altar and runs out of the church after Akshay Kumar. It actually tries to prove that forced arranged marriages are the right thing to do.

movie review film reviews namaste london shakalaka boom bbom shaka laka bollyfood flicksShakalaka Boom Boom - 5/10. This is an ok timepass movie. The casting is good and so is the music. In this film Bobby Deol (AJ) and Upen Patel (Reggie) are competing to be the number one singer in New York (ha ha ha). Reggie is a talented, ambitious newcomer whereas AJ is an established singer who has worked hard to get where he is. AJ is afraid Reggie will become more popular than him and works hard to blacklist him. He befriends him and gets him addicted to alcohol while stealing his music compositions.

This film is supposed to be the biographical film of music director Himesh Reshamiyya .... I wonder which famous music director tried to prevent him from becoming famous ?? Upen Patel looks fab and shows great acting potential. Bobby Deol suits the role of the main villian perfectly. The only problem was the script - it was silly at times and confusing.

Did you watch Namaste London or Shakalaka Boom Boom ??


  1. cool! I saw Namaste London...n felt ok kind,....but yet to see Shakalaka...;)
    Thnx dear


  2. I able to watch Namestey landon..and i find it emotional and sweet love story..

  3. It is typical of Indian movies to show off India as a greater country than others - its culture, people, .. Maybe it was Himesh who stole somebody elses composition and also made it his life story

  4. Namaste London has been editedby one of my friends :):)

  5. never.. i think its wasting time and money on these foolish movies like namaste london or shaka laka...

  6. Thanks for the review. have not seen either but I don't want to waste my time on foolish movies.

  7. there is nothing nice I can say?? lololol
    u are really outspoken!
    thats why i love u, kitty-chan!!
    happy sunday!!!!

  8. Shaka Laka Boom Boom is based on the story of famous music composer Mozart and his rival Salieri.

    Apparently, 'Mozart and Salieri' (Motsart i Sal’yeri' in transliteration) is a one-act opera in two scenes by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov to a Russian libretto taken almost verbatim from Alexander Pushkin's 1830 verse drama of the same name.

    A movie titled 'Amadeus' (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086879/) was made in 1984, based on the same theme and could be the inspiration for the Hindi movie. More info on 'Amadeus' is at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amadeus_(film)

    I like the song 'Jahaan Main Rahoon' from Namastey London, though the movie is probably as 'run of the mill' as you say it is.

  9. didnt catch either.. but saw metro, was quite good :)

  10. hey gr88 reviews good covering of blog left no topic

  11. Needless to say.. One of my friend and his wife went to the movie and called me to say that they were the only people who watched the full show. Different experience of watching. Now I know why they were the only one to watch Namaste London!

  12. No I didn't watch any.....I guess I wont either!!

    Himesh ki life story? Uh no thanks!

    Keep reviewing!


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