Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cyberkitty is Back

Hi Bloggers,

Thanks for all your comments, I finally managed to post them. I am back after a long vacation. Recently, switched to a new job where blogging is not allowed in office. I'll be posting soon.
Posts that will be coming up -

1. My vacation in Goa
2. Movie Reviews of Traffic Signal, Gafla and Sarhad Paar.
3. Comments on the Aishwarya -Abhishek Wedding
4. Salman Khan on Kaun Banega Crorepati



  1. You lucky devil!!:))

    Vacation in Goa sounds so good.We can not go anywhere until school is out.

    Looking forward to all that mentioned.

  2. did u get a job in google?

  3. welcome back... we missed u

  4. Hey! Welcome back CK.
    And you went to Goa!!!! *REAL jealous* *pouts*
    Congrats on the job-shift too sweets (taking the liberty of assuming that the new one's better).
    TC&KIT...S m i l e

  5. Asha - Goa has beautiful beaches. Will be putting up the pics soon.

    Kiran - No, but its one of their competitors.

    Pegasus - Same here

    Sakhi - I have to work harder in this jobb, but hey, it pays more !! :)

  6. I wish I was as organised as you are and knew what my next four posts are going to be about, at any point of time!



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