Sunday, March 04, 2007

Happy Holi

Happy Holi ! That's a pic of me !

How was your Holi ?


  1. South Indians don't have Holi usually but it's picking up in B'lore too I guess.Here in US,unless I see the blogs,we probably don't even know we have festivals going on here!:))

    Have fun.

  2. nice hand u got - by the way which of the 2 was urs?

    mine was ok; actually it was a ladies & childrens day out - the men were in their houses doing many things i guess

  3. Happy Holi to u too CK.
    Luks like u hd n excitin one.
    TC & keep bloggin...S m i l e

  4. Happy Holi to you. I hope you had a colorful and fun filled day.

  5. You have beautiful “Water Hands”. Water hands have many fine, spidery lines and both the palm and the fingers are long.

    It seems that you are sensitive, emotional type of individual. Water types are caring, receptive and artistic. They are primarily motivated by feelings. They may have trouble coping with stress and are often happiest in a peaceful environment.

    Astrologically the “Water” signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Are you one of these.

    I believe you like Holi because you have “Water” hands. I do not. I used to play Holi when I was a kid, but not anymore. It is not played in this part of the world anyway.

  6. Asha, Shirazi, Sakhi and Starry Nights - thankyou for your wishes !

    Whiskypriest - Both the hands are mine - one is left the other is right! ha ha !

    Sifar - Yes u are right. I am one of those signs -Scorpio !

  7. beautiful long fingers!!
    i bet u are slender pretty gurl :)

  8. I played Holi when I was younger. Not any more...

    Seems like yours was very colourful!


  9. your hand says that u r highly sensitive and highly imaginative

  10. My holi was ok... without colors
    :( :(


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