Friday, February 09, 2007

Dateless on Valentines's Day

Dateless On Valentines Day

Like almost every Valentines Day of my life, this February 14 th too seems to be heading towards a dateless evening ! How depressing !

"I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon". ~Author Unknown

hate dateless valentine day valentines card gifts movies films candy chocolates facial spa lonely love hearts cupidWhen I look through the shop windows at the Valentines Day cards and gifts on display, I can't help but wish someone would buy me some of the stuff on sale - even a plastic rose would do. Things look so pretty and pink, I feel like buying them for myself. However, I stop myself coz I heard somewhere that if you do, then you are jinxed to buy them for yourself all your life !

My last non dateless Valentines' Day was in college when I went to see the movie 'While You Were Sleeping' with a friend. Though I go on dates the rest of the year, I always find myself dateless on Valentines Day.

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." - Robert Frost

So, what do I do on Valentines' Day ?

hate dateless valentine day valentines card gifts movies films candy chocolates facial spa lonely love hearts cupid1. Sit at home watching romantic movies on StarMovies, HBO, Hallmark and the other movie channels. Usually they always play mushy flicks like You've Got Mail, When Harry Meets Sally, Serendipity, Love Actually or While You were Sleeping for lonely souls! Watching them makes me feel that there is someone perfect out there and that destiny will finally bring us together - and we'll be married for happily ever after ! Ooh what lovely dreams.

2. Buying and eating stuff like sweets, ice creams, chips and cakes which take me back to my childhood and give a bit of childish joy.

3. Doing a facial and having a long bath.

4. I always leave office early pretending I have to get ready for a Valentines' Day dinner date !

hate dateless valentine day valentines card gifts movies films candy chocolates facial spa lonely love hearts cupid5. Valentine's Day usually ends with me chatting on the net with strangers or other dateless friends. We usually talk about the mindless advertising and marketing gimmicks of card and gift companies like Hallmark and Archies that promote Valentines Day and cause depression.

hate dateless valentine day valentines card gifts movies films candy chocolates facial spa lonely love hearts cupid
Valentines Day is tough for singles but I bet it really sucks bigtime if you have a boyfriend or husband and still don't do anything special on Valentines Day. The world and internet is full of people who hate Valentine's Day. Valentines Day haters are usually folks who are scared to ask someone out, busy with their work, refused a date, loners, computer nerds or people who think they are too ugly !

The day after Valentine's Day -

Well, I make up stories about the fun Valentines' Day movie and dinner date I had with a 'friend'. My friends also tell me stories of the roses they bought 'someone', 'a fiancee' and the telephone calls they made to 'long distance lovers' !! Later on, I find out from the office chowkidar (guard) that they were working really late in office. Really, what is the world coming to ??

So, what are you planning for Valentines Day ?


  1. good posting! keep up with the post and lot of ideas to help all the people planning for this valentines!

  2. I have seen too many people who on every valentines have a different date. Whats the point? Is it not better that you donot have to kiss so many frogs before you will meet your Mr. Right.

    Also, I believe these occassions are reasons for the big corporations to be happy about making quick bucks by selling made in China goods that cost pennies for dollars there by exploiting the sentiments of others and pocketing their hard earned money. I remember when I used to live in India (6-7 yrs back), Valentines was not as popular as I believe it is now which is evident from your post (that someone who does not celebrates it is missing something really big). I dont think so. Cheer up and spend that day on you. Go to a SPA, rent out a movie (other than what is on TV), cook something that folks at your place like cooked by you, and donot forget to visit your local place of worship (what ever your belief may be).

  3. V'day is made up by ppl who got nothing else in life and promoted by store keepers to make money out of gullible ppl!:D

    Don't worry!It's overrated anyway.No plans for me bcos it's on Wed!!;D

    LOL at the candies!That's creative!!

  4. no specific plans...
    i might go to the terrace and try catching some action with my telescope... or as usual go to a bar and chill out.

  5. well said, kitty-chan!! i think i will do 2.3 thank u.
    i wish my net fren will ask me out for v'day.
    but he seems to be liking other girl. *sigh*
    lets be happy!!

  6. Sean - thanks
    Sifar - will try and do
    Asha - quite true
    Pegasus - naughty naughty
    Niki chan - oh, u'll get better !

  7. Hi Cyberkitty

    Plzr visiting your blog. It's a well said post.
    Even I'm a single for a long time now and still waiting for first real V-day but then I don't have any regrets for the same as I have bound myself for that.
    We Indians tend to adopt western things instead of adapting to it. I don't see any significance of V-day. It's a foolish western concept designed to eunite couples of the verge of divorce(LOL).
    There is no need of any special day to pour your emotions. I have seen many of my friends falling in love in March and waiting for the next V-day to speak up their feelings. Thats simply didn't work out.
    So let's enjoy being single. We are not dateless but we are not into it. And we can go for a date with friendz too! Don't feel bad.....You will find the right one soon.


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