Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bhagam Bhag - Movie Review

Review of the movie Bhagam Bhag - this weekend I saw just one movie and this is what I thought of it.

bhagam bhag movie film review 2006 2007Bhagam Bhag - 3/10 - (meaning - running around) This is a brainless film - no idea what the director was thinking, most probably he was not ! Bhagam Bhag was supposed to be a comedy but it sure wasn't funny. At best, I managed a wry smile.

Bhagam Bhag is about a drama company that goes to do a play in London. Paresh Rawal is the director of the play while Bunty (Akshay Kumar) and Babla (Govinda) are the actors. When the heroine of the play walks out, the director says that whoever finds a new heroine gets to act as the hero. While looking for a new heroine, Bunti and Bubla come into contact with a drug lord who thinks they are looking for 'heroin' - therein starts the confusion which continues throughout the movie.

Lara Dutta plays the role of the suicidal heroine whom they find for the play. Arbaaz Khan is her fake husband who gets murdered. Jackie Shroff is the UK cop who murders Arbaaz Khan. Rajpal Yadav is a taxi driver.

The script of Bhagam Bhag was awful - none of the characters seemed to have a bit of common sense and the story was full of holes and unaswered questions. Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal were painfully repetitive. Akshay Kumar's jokes about him 'cutting the roles of fellow actors' just proves he is not ashamed of doing so in real life. Seems like he 'cut' Govinda's role too ! The person who did the best job was Rajpal Yadav! Most irritating - Shakti Kapoor. Songs though, were catchy numbers.

Did you watch this movie ?


  1. i so agree.. we gave up on that first scene with heroin.. walked out without worrying about the money.

  2. It has been a long time that I have seen Bollywood movies (more than 6-7 years). Of the ones I saw I only remember Utsav & Maachis. I guess I'm not missing something really good.

  3. havent seen the movie but got reviews from those who saw them. anyways who is better - govinda or akshay kumar

  4. commedy for the mentally retarded


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