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Private Jet Charter - Facilites, Features, Capacity and Itineraries

Private Jet Charter Aircraft - Facilites, Features, Capacity and Itineraries

How to select the right private jet, bizjets, corporate jets, business jets, executive jets, bizprops or air taxis ?

If you are going on a trip and are looking for a perfect airplane to get you to your destination then here is some information on the different sizes, planes available, the amount of passengers they carry and the itineraries they are suitable for travelling on. How you select your private charter aircraft depends mainly on your budget and the amount of passengers you are bringing along. Here is some information on the different types of private jet charter planes like bizjets, corporate jets, business jets, executive jets, bizprops and air taxis available to help you make the right decision for your party.

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A Small Executive Jet - is good for mid range travel like distances between cities like Chicago to Dallas, Paris to Hamburg, Los Angeles to San Francisco and Boston to Altanta. It can carry around 4-8 passengers depending on its size. Small executive private jets have an average cruising speed of around 440 mph and an average nonstop range of about 1,500 miles. Small bizjets are lighter than non jet aircraft and can travel further and faster. A private charter small executive jet is useful as you can board it at small airports which are not accessible by major airlines or big planes.

Some facilites available in a small bizjet are a pressurized passenger cabin and a semi-private lavatory. Light corporate jets have limited baggage capacity so leave large things like skis or golf bags behind. A few popular small executive jets are the Citation II, Learjet 35, Falcon 10, Westwind and Beechjet 400. A small executive jet is perfect to take your family and loved ones for a quiet vacation to a secluded destination.

A Midsize Executive Jet - is the best for medium range flights. Popular itineries of private charter mid size executive jets are New York to West Palm Beach, London to Milan, and Van Nuys to Seattle. Midsize bizjets can carry around 5 to 9 people. A Medium executive jet has an average cruising speed of over 500 mph and a nonstop range of about 2,100 miles. A middle sized executive jet is better than a small executive jet as it can travel faster and further. Most midsize corporate jets have a private lavatory and internal baggage storage for skiis and other stuff. Som popular medium sized jet aircraft are Learjet 55, Falcon 20, Hawker 800 and the Citation VII. A medium sized jet is great to get a basketball team to their game.

A Heavy Executive Jet - A private heavy executive jet is also known as a large executive jet. A chartered private heavy executive jet is great for long flights. You can easily fit in as much as 10 to 19 folks like a footbal team, coach and other officials. Some popular routes for a heavy executive jet are Bangor to Seattle, New York to Rome, Moscow to Miami, London to Los Angeles, and San Francisco to Tokyo. A large bizjet has an average cruising speeds of 530 mph and an average nonstop range over 4,000 miles.

It is faster and can travel further than most small or midsize executive jets. The only problem is it may not be able to land at the smaller airstrips in out of town airports. Heavy corporate jets have many facilities like a private lavatory, external baggage compartments, stereo DVD, satellite phone, fax and a full galley. They may also have a personal flight attendant to assist with gourmet catering and entertainment. Some popular large heavy executive jet aircraft are the Falcon 900 or 2000 Challenger 600, 601 or 604 and the Gulfstream II, III, IV or V.

Airliner Jet - Jet airliners are the most costly aircraft to privately charter. They can carry around 50 to 500 people on a single flight and are the best if you have heavy luggage or are travelling a medium or long distance. Popular itineraries are New York to Aruba, Chicago to Tokyo, Moscow to Capetown, and Sydney to Venice. Small jet airliners are good for mid range domestic transport, while the largest airliner jets can carry hundreds of people over thousands of miles.

An airliner jet has around two to four jet engines and pressurized passenger cabins. Top end jet airliners also have features like multiple berths, lavatories, a gym, shower, meeting room or study and luxurious decor. Most airliner jets are used by commercial scheduled services while a few can be rented or chartered through charter companies, brokers and charter divisions of major airlines. some brands of popular jet airliners are the Airbus 300, Boeing 727 and the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10. Airliner jets are great if you are travelling with a large delegation for a business meeting.

A Turboprop or Airliner Turboprop - is a great large airliner suitable for shorter trips because of the need for frequent fuels stops. Turboprops are powered by turbine propeller engines of piston aircraft but have certain benefits of lighhter aircraft like private jets. They can seat 4 - 8 people making it ideal for a family vacation, romantic rendezvous, music concert, film premiere or small business meeting. Popular itinerary destinations for bizprops are Toronto to Chicago, San Diego to Los Angeles, Boston to New York or Washington D.C., Geneva to Paris, Vienna to Prague and Seattle to Reno.

Turboprops have an average cruising speed of over 300 mph and an average nonstop range above 1,000 miles. They travel faster and further than regular aircraft and are cheaper than a jet. The main advantage of turboprops is that they can land on short runways, making them a popular form of transport for those who wish to travel to towns with small airfields. Facilities included with a turboprop are pressurized passenger cabins, a semi-private lavatory and limited baggage capacity. A few examples of turboprop aircraft are the King Air 90, 100, 200, 300, Cheyenne I, II, III, IV, Merlin, Beech Starship, Pilatus PC-12 and the Commander

Turboprop Airliners have a larger passenger cabin, more powerful engine and longer non stop range than regular turboprops. They can carry around 19 to 65 passengers at a go. Popular travel routes for airliner turboprops are Newark to Charlotte, Sacramento to San Francisco, New York to Washington D.C. and LeBourget to Bordeaux. Some common airliner turboprops are Beech Commuter 1900, Jetstream 31 and the Swearingen Metro.

This list of Small Executive Jets, Mid Size Jets, Heavy Executive Jets, Jet Airliners, Turboprops and Turboprop Airliners gives you an idea about their main features which makes the task of choosing the perfect jet charter aircraft much easier. Now all you have to do is book bizjets, corporate jets, business jets, executive jets, bizprops or air taxis online for the right date and sit back and relax.

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