Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Review of Blog Directories and related sites

A Review of Blog Directories, Listings and Related sites.

In June, I signed up to a few blog directories and related sites, some of which asked me to add a link to their site, which I did for two months. This review of Blog directories, listings and search websites is based on factors such as the links to my weblog and the web traffic that I earned from them. - 7/10 - A site where you surf other blogs to earn traffic to yours. I surfed through updated weblogs from different countries, some of which were cool and also got quite some traffic from other bloggers. I also found links to my blog on search engines. The other useful item was the invisible counter for visitor statistics. - 3/10 - A website that broadcasts your blog into space, it has been rated 3 for the link that showed up on the search engines. - 7/10 - Is a blog feed reading website. Useful to read blogs I like when there is a new or updated post. - 0/10 - A Blog Directory from which there was zero traffic and no link to my blog in the search engines has to be rated zero. - 0/10 - A website that lists blogs from which I got no traffic, searches or links will also get a rating of zero. - o/10 - ranked nil as this blog directory is similar to the above three. - 2/10 - Though no traffic came from here, I did find a link to my blog from some search engines. - 0/10 - A zero traffic Blog Directory, no links either. - 0/10 - I had heard a lot about this website but was disappointed to get zero hits from this blog listing website. - 0/10 - gets a nil ranking for the nil traffic and links to my blog. - 5/10 - I did find a few links to my blog from search engines from here though I did not get any traffic. - 8/10 - Quite a few links and hits from here. - 2/10 - one link from here
- 9/10 - useful site for submitting blogs to various search engines and checking how many websites are linking to you. - 4/10 - I originaly got quite some hits from here which changed to zero after they changed the design of their homepage. - 6/10 - gets a moderate rating for the links and hits I got through technorati tag search. - 0/10 - An earn traffic by surfing others website - Unlike Blogexplosion most of the websites here were on boring topics like search engine optimization and internet marketing. I got zero hits in proportion to the large amount of sites I surfed through.

I have now taken off the Blogroll on my sidebar that had compulsory links to some of the above websites and have now linked only to the useful sites from this post.

Do you know of any good blog related websites ?


  1. thats quite an exhaustive list.. i think i got here from sunsuna..

  2. Indiatimes maybe a good Blogging site, but is not a 'Blog Directory' where folks from other Blog sites like 'Blogspot' can list their blogs !

  3. set blogger to display last 7-10 posts.
    otherwise on your home page only 2 posts are visible

  4. Hi Pegasus,
    That's deliberate so that my page loads faster. You can always access my last ten posts from the links on the sidebar ! Thanks for visiting, I'd like to view your blog too but your public profile is not active!

  5. I thought i used to visit ur blog often.... u were even there in my blogroll.
    my webpage is shocking.wordpress

  6. Hi,
    Shocking from E Nagar, did'nt guess pegasus was you !


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