Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lucky Bamboo Plant - a Feng Shui Gift

Is the Feng Shui good luck charm - the Lucky Bamboo Plant also known as the Fame Plant any good ?

lucky bamboo plant a cool feng shui gift yellow brown leavesTwo months ago my sister gifted my brother a lucky bamboo plant for his birthday, which I ended up having to water and take care off. It was planted in a pretty wine glass filled with tiny coloured pebbles and plain water till the brim. She said she had heard it would bring fame and prosperity to the owner and had picked it up from Giggles a gift shop in Connaught Place.

For the past 4,000 years the Chinese have been growing the lucky bamboo plant which was used in Feng Shui to cure common ailments. Today, it has become a very popular gift item and I've seen it in many shop windows, restaurants and even my bosses' office desk. This plant is not a bamboo at all but a Dracaena from the lily family which is grown locally in South Asia and Africa.

The best thing about the fame plant is that it requires very little care - grows indoors in indirect sunlight and needs only water and no soil. My sister told me to use only Bisleri water or filtered water as the leaves would turn yellow with tap water ( as it is has chlorine and other chemicals). I even heard about folks tying red ribbons on the plant stems for good luck, but that just seemed real silly, so I avoided it.

a fame plant also called lucky bamboo plant feng shui yellow brown leavesThe lucky bamboo plant is also supposed to be poisonous for cats and dogs. At first I kept it at a higher level so that my cat would'nt chew the leaves, but my cat still managed to get up there. Fortunately, to my delight he turned his nose up in the air and ignored the lucky bamboo plant.

I ignored the advice to use mineral water and in a few weeks saw the tips of the leaves turning yellow. I later read on the internet that tap water would do fine as long as it's kept for one day in the open. This is so the fluoride and chlorine present in the water can evaporate leaving it pure. I followed the new instructions and continued to use tap water, and saw a marked improvement in the growth of the plant.

Question of the day
Has the lucky bamboo plant or Feng Shui fame plant actually brought me any money or made me famous ?

In a way yes, my blog finally got spidered by Yahoo search, my website hits did increase plus my brother and I did get a few new assignments.


  1. hmnn shall tyr ur tip about the water, mine turning yellow too.

  2. Hey Kitty..nice post..I happened to like it..but I dont know why..I liked the plant too..though am not certain that I will find it here in Patiala..Cheers

  3. wondering about the buddha facing the door...

  4. flourides and chlorine will get concentrated if u evaporate water; so that theory is wrong

  5. hi kitty!
    i loooove ur blog!! full of interesting photos!
    Feng Shui is very popular in japan too. (we call it Foo-Sui).
    but i dindt know that lucky bamboo is a real lucky charm lolll
    my plant is dead coz i dont know how to take care of them thoo..
    i wud love to buy that bamboo someday.
    thanking u and have a happy weekend!!

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