Saturday, July 15, 2006

Movie Reviews - MI3, Chup Chup Ke, Humko Deewane

Here are some of the movies I watched over the past few weeks -

1. Mission Impossible 3 - 2/10 - has the same old boat chases, automobile crashes and explosions seen in a bazillion other spy films. Got really tired of watching Tom Cruise running about with his mouth half open. Best part was when his brains were fried in the end by his girlfriend.

2. Humko Deewana Kar Gaye - 2/10 - guy keeps bumping into girl in foreign locations in typical mawali style. The mismatched English dialogue inserted oddly into the storyline really put me off. Akshay Kumar should stick to action roles where he does'nt need to do any acting - a block of ice could have done a better job.

3. Chup Chup Ke - 4/10 - one of the better recent movies featuring a character that cannot hear or speak. I learnt to say I L U in sign language. Had some laughs, though watching Paresh Rawal in almost every movie is wearing me thin. Songs were ok.

4. Gangster - 2/10 - unbelievable screenplay. No gangster ( reel or real ) would live in with a girl he loves for 7 years and not 'do it' with her. Got bored and switched channels especially when the frizzy haired actress kept kissing the bottle.

5. Ankahee - 4/10 - a doctor's extra marital affair with a psycho suicidal ex Miss World. Lots of screaming and shouting, missed the end due to a power cut. Aftab is miscast as a doctor - looks more like a stockanalyst/banker.

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  1. Seen two of the above movies. Yes, they were good.


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