Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New cheap cure for HIV AIDS

Cheap easy cure for HIV AIDS - a look at the HIV AIDS Hoax or Conspiracy

Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
." - Arthur Conan Doyle.

hiv aids cure hoax conspiracy How do AIDS patients get 'cured' ? First of all, flush the toxic medicines down the toilet - you are not sick , you don't need them. Regain your health by eating and sleeping well, regular exercise and meditation. 'Believe' that you are well. AIDS is a scam.

How does the 'AIDS Scam' work ?
It is a simple example of how politics is played. First a 'crisis' is created - an incurable disease called AIDS. Propaganda is spread - its causes are unprotected sex, shared syringes, transfusions .......a virus destroys the immune system etc. Then, someone comes up with an expensive solution - ARV drugs. All this is publicized to create a fear psychosis. New organizations come up to deal with this 'issue' - NACO, UNAIDS, local NGO's. Thy need funds to continue their existence. So, they make the 'issue' seem worse than it is - by (a) unreliable statistics - where 90 percent of deaths are 'estimated' (imaginary) (b) statements like " there is no cure today......maybe in the give us more money". This brainwashes people who get so freaked out that 'death is near' they start spending money, which ultimately ends up in the pockets of large pharma companies and politicians.

When compared to other diseases, common sense proves there's something fishy going on.
1. It is historically undocumented. It came up over the last 30 years out of nowhere.
2. All diseases have a symptom - either a fever, pain, swellings, cold, cough, pain, rashes or discolourations. Aids has no symptoms of its own but because of the " destroys immune system, patients can die of anything" theory - every illness could be AIDS.
3. Illnesses have a time period during which a person may either get well or die ( 1 week - 5 years). Whereas, for Aids, people have been living on for 10-20 years.

What is HIV / AIDS virus then ? Are you trying to say it does not exist ?
The HIV virus is a retro virus. Retroviruses exist in different amounts at different times in a person's body. Some have no known function while some help in functions like the growth of babies in the womb. Some, like HIV can cause deadly diseases in animals like monkeys etc. but are harmless in the human body. Any random person can have this virus and test positive for HIV.

hiv aids retro viral drugs best cheap cureWhy are people testing positive ?
Almost everyone gets sick atleast once/twice a year. Those who have never had sex, done drugs or had a transfusion would never think of taking a HIV test. Only, those with a guilty concience ( hookers, their customers, druggies and homos) get so freaked out that they may be dying, that they take the test to make sure. Of course, then some may test positive while others with high risk behaviour don't. The doctors then prescribe costly harmful drugs to 'delay' their death. By now they are so terrified they can't think straight - they blindly do as they are told and keep shelling out money with the hope that sometime in the future ' a cure' will be found.

How reliable are AIDS tests ?
They are an unreliable lie. Many test positive in some centres and negative in others. Also, all HIV tests carry disclaimers that say the test can’t be used to diagnose HIV positiveness.

free ayurveda hiv aids cure vaccine patient shirtlessThen why are so many people dying ?They are dying from the toxic Anti retro viral drugs prescribed to them. These drugs come with a list of side effects which are identical to the symptoms for AIDS. Basically, these ARV drugs destroy the immune system over a period of time which makes a patient prone to local diseases like tuberculosis, malaria etc. Anyway people in Africa/Asia have a low life expectancy - many usually die of TB, Malaria or Jaundice before the age of 40. In addition to this, if they are made to believe they are dying of a 'fake' terminal illness and given poisonous drugs, then obviously they'll die within 5-10 years..

What proof do you have ? If this is true then why are top scientists and the media silent ?
Many top scientists have said that (a) there is almost no proof that AIDS is a transmitted disease (b) HIV virus has never been isolated. (c) HIV tests are unreliable (d) usually the person is suffering from a common ailment. Those who dare to speak out are termed nutsy, weirdos, eccentric (sunky) and their jobs/funding is taken away. Click here for what scientists have said.
The press is just too too overworked/ underpaid/inexperienced to look into the details of the press releases they are given. Plus, they would never want to annoy their advertisers - Pharma companies.

Bill Gates and Bill Clinton are donating so much money for AIDS ? Why ?
Corporates donate for tax benefits. Research, advertising and sales promotion are disguised as charity. In this case, research would mean testing new toxic drugs on gullible people. Advertising would be making posters, pamphlets, ad spots, films, statistics, surveys and paying celebrities for endorsements. Sales promotion would include distributing free condoms, syringes, HIV testing kits, free ARV drugs as samples and hiring of sales agents (social workers) to sell products and services would also be provided at high rates of interest to patients.

What could a computer company or ex president of America gain ?
Bill Gates Foundation has shares worth billions in pharma companies like Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, etc. that make medicines for AIDS and related diseases lie TB and Malaria, and stands to gain from their profits. Bill Clinton and George W Bush's main aim is to get Pharma companies to fund the election campaigns of their wife and brother respectively.

hiv aids conspiracy hoax scam immune systemWhy is the Indian Government doing nothing ? Should'nt we inform them ?
No, they know about the AIDS Scam. Manmohan Singh only talks about 'combating AIDS' at meetings where Bush or foreign officials are present. This is done to appease them so that they agree to various deals. If he ever makes a statement about a 'Conspiracy', then America will impose strong sanctions like stopping trade, closing industries, jobs would be lost, markets would plunge and ultimately the Congress would lose power.

Congress relies on a wait and watch policy - hopes nature will intervene and solve the problem. In this case, they are relying on (a) Pandits, fakirs, imams, sadhus to spread the HIV scam theory by word of mouth - which is how I first heard about it. (b) The popularity of Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

I Could'nt believe my ears when I first heard a friend say, "yeh AIDS-waids sab bekaar ki cheez hai" (AIDS is a nonsense thing). Checking on it, I was shocked to find out it was true. If the life of even one person is saved by this post, I'll know my efforts were worth it.


  1. unbelievable....AIDS is a matches are fixed....whats the world coming to??....

  2. i don't think this is a political stunt. by the way, when u have aids u don't die of aids. aids kills ur immune system. wat u die of is the first disease u get. that could even be as simple as a flu.

  3. For the few friends that I have with this disease, and for people who believe they have HIV/AIDS, I so want to believe that this article is true. It certainly resonates with my own thoughts about this.

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  5. Well people...Its interesting that blogs like this are not outlawed, surely if this wasn't somewhat true it would be banned and considered unsafe to our society. I personally have a hunch..right here in my gut.. and it usually doesn't lie : ) There is so much we don't know however so quick to trust those scientist working hand in hand with those pharma co. In any industry you get yourself into there is alway a form of deception, its like one big business out to gain your money. I aslo agree with the fear part, fear weakens those who are weak and lowers your vibes making it ever so easy to control you. Just look at nature or a garden for instance yes there is outside invasions, however you nuture that garden you'll reak the benifits. Nuture yourself same thing will happen no matter what you may have done to knock yourself out of balance. Simple as that! Anyways I went off subject a little there is supporting facts from both sides of the story so it basically gives us choice it to choose which story we want to project. I happen to be one of those ecentric folk. You notice through history those guys generally live longer : ) Good Day : )

  6. hmmm, interesting article, but I found it offensive that people who are gay are referred to as "homos"...

  7. I am Maris from Maimi USA, i was a HIV/AIDS positive till i meant Dr.Zabaza who was able to cure it with root and herbals you can reach Dr .Zabaza with his email:

  8. In every Matter I believe that.. the world revolves around the energy.. its all about being positive and creating a positive vibes around you.. its my personal experience... u create a positive energy around you and you will benefit from it.. "TRY IT AT HOME" meditation is useful for creating positive vibes.. when we are suffering from a disease first reason for increased illness is our fear..
    simple way of mediation:
    sit with ur legs folded, back straight, hands straight on knees, palm facing upwards.. bend ur ring finger and little finger to touch the thumb with their tips while keeping the other two fingers straight. and slowly breath in the air and at the same speed leave it.. its important to concentrate on breathing. this shall help to create positive vibes... for mediation it is necessary to do so for better results or which ever way it is possible so as to keep mind in peace.... mediation is a process of refreshing the mind as we do to our computers.. for mudras look for hand mudras, it shall help to know which position shall help for what....

    thanks for the opportunity to express.......


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