Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code - most talked about super flop

I remember borrowing this book by Dan Brown a couple of years ago from a cameraperson at my office - I did not get past the first was quite boring. Today, the promos of the film on TV just have'nt created enough interest to make me think of buying a ticket. Even the religious controversy created by the Producers is not enough to sell this really drab and boring looking film.

Da Vinci Code gets just a 19 percent rating on and really bad reviews from some of the best critics in the world. At first I thought I'd buy a pirated VCD for 50 bucks but now I think I'll wait a couple of weeks for it to come on cable so I can switch channels during the boring parts ( quite a lot).

On the religious controversy part - If Hindus can get an ad of Goddess Durga holding beers banned, Sikhs - Jo bole so Nihaal and Muslims other stuff, then the Christian Community has every right to protest against this film which hurts thier religious sentiments. Jesus and later Gandhiji had said, " If someone slaps you on one cheek, show them the other cheek." This means that if someone does you wrong, stand your ground and protest peacefully - don't just walk away meekly and pretend nothing happened.

The Christians have not asked for a ban on the film but merely for a disclaimer. The Censor Board has agreed the film should have a disclaimer stating "The film is a work of pure fiction and has no correspondence to historical facts of the Christian religion". Dan Brown had already said that his novel was a work of fiction, then why is Sony Pictures refusing to put the disclaimer on the grounds of technicalities ?? Is the film trying to convey to Non Christians that Christianity is a bogus fake cover up religion ? Is it telling Christians that the Bible is a bunch of lies and Dan Brown's fiction is truth ?? With today's technology, they should not have any problem in including the disclaimer - and it certainly does not affect artistic freedom. Those who try to make money by spreading untruths about God can only hope for failure or flops !!

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  1. By the way, Spanish journalists found the new interpretation for the Holy Grail :) The Holy Grail = the World Cup.
    Look at Nostradamus vs. Dan Brown


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